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Is there any food you enjoyed as a child that might be considered odd today?

Asked by jca2 (16384points) November 18th, 2020

Is there any food that you enjoyed as a child that might be considered odd today?

My grandmother used to give me noodles and cottage cheese. I guess it’s similar to noodles and ricotta, except more lumpy.

Also, sometimes she would make a jello salad with jello, cottage cheese and canned fruit. She’d make the jello and let it set about halfway, and then mix in the cottage cheese and fruit and let it set all the way, in the refrigerator. I liked it. Some people today might find it odd or disgusting. In the 50’s and 60’s, jello salads were very popular.

Sometimes she would boil beef bones and give me the marrow on a Ritz cracker. That was unusual, for the time, I think but today is a gourmet appetizer in some fancy restaurants.

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McDonald’s french fries dipped in a McDonald’s coffee milk shake.

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French fries dipped in tarter sauce. (I apparently really liked french fries.)

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I used to get bone marrow sometimes as a child.

A traditional Jewish food I really liked and still would love if I could get it was “gribbenes.” It is bits of chicken skin and fat cooked down with onions to make chicken fat for spreading and cooking. The crispy onions and skin that are left are the gribbenes and they are delicious on rye bread. A lot like the pork crackling that other cultures eat.

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I always liked meat loaf, a lot of people I know today think its gross. Even my wife, who seldom if rarely makes it. I love the stuff.

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Cold hot dogs. YUCK

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Spaghetti with maple syrup, noodles with butter and Kraft parmesan

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I used to drink a tall glass of buttermilk with my grandpa. Can’t stand the stuff anymore.

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Vienna sausages in a can.

Dried sliced beef in a jar.

Processed cheese in a spray can.

Brown bread in a can.

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I was underweight as a child, and my mother was always trying to get me to gain a little. When she had a dinner party she’d always make extra whipped cream, and serve it to me the next morning mixed up with Cheerios! It was delicious!

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Peanut butter and mint jelly sandwiches for lunch!

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Tuna Fish casserole with corn flakes on top. I have not had it since sixth grade; former cafeteria standard.

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Occasionally Dad grilled up a T-bone for each of us
One of my favorite parts was chewing the grilled marrow from the center of the T.

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