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Is it a thing that sugar makes fish and chicken tender and moist?

Asked by JLeslie (61784points) November 20th, 2020 from iPhone

Recently, I’ve made two recipes that had high sugar content. One was Salmon that I covered with a sugar and mustard concoction. The other was chicken in a sauce made of Coke and Chipotle. Both the salmon and the chicken were extremely moist, so I’m thinking it was the sugar.

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I’ve cooked salmon with a balsamic/molasses glaze on a smoker before. The sugar caramelizes and forms a crust that traps in the fish’s moisture. I’m not sure if your recipe is doing something similar. There could also be a different explanation for what’s happening on a chemistry level. That’s just my best guess for what’s happening.

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Salt and sugar brine mixture will make the protein moister. So if the concoction had a salt content it would brine the fish.

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