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Do you like music with screaming vocals?

Asked by rockfan (13200points) November 23rd, 2020 from iPhone

When I was younger I was drawn to music with a lot of screaming, hard rock, metal, alternative, etc. But the screaming always had to be contrasted with melodic choruses or a funk metal groove, like Rage Against the Machine. Lately I’ve been into this kind of screaming in music, contrasted with soft/loud dynamics:

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Usually only in moderation, or when it works in a way I like. It’s never “oh, screaming, great, I like screaming music, so I like this.”

It’s also not “I dislike all music that screams”, but in general I think I prefer mostly non-screaming music.

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As a teen, the louder the better; but as I’m growing older, not so much. I didn’t care for her idea of “quiet”

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I like some songs with screams in them, like “Know Your Enemy” by Green Day. But I don’t want a whole song of that.

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That’s my thing, honestly. i grew up on Hardcore Punk and still consider it my culture.

When people ask why I like it, I try to explain that the screaming is a reflection of the intensity of the emotions expressed in the lyrics. I can relate to someone ‘yelling’ about fighting injustice. Put some crazy fast music behind it and it’s addicting!

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The song sounded like a song that my Mom used to listen to (without the screaming). This was so distracting that I can’t remember the name of Mom’s song

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Certainly. When there’s contrast.

Or even without contrast.

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Best scream in rock and roll. Nobody is like Daltrey.

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No. Except some Zep and some Aerosmith.

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Same as @Dutchess_III. Mostly no, except for some Aerosmith and lots of Zeppelin. I did enjoy the Bjork link. I think it was artfully done.

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Love Janis Joplin.

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“Take another piece of my heart now baby….”

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Glad you dug them. Also, Agalloch are just nine kinds of awesome! Especially The Mantle. ‘In the Shadow of Our Pale Companion’ is one of my favorites.

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