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Should I accept a job I really don't want?

Asked by chelle21689 (7501points) 1 month ago

I’ve been unemployed since August and the job market is very competitive right now. I finally got a job offer but I am absolutely loathing to accept it, I have one day to decide. I’m not on unemployment yet because I received a lump sum severance pay in September that equate to 4–5 months salary.
There are beginning to be several jobs posted more in line with my career goals popping up. I’m actually waiting to hear back to see if I got this other job I want but they won’t be reaching out until next week. My husband is working (we own a bread route) and even if he doesn’t work, we still have about 6–8 months worth of savings.

I don’t want this job because it’s in nonprofit which I’ve been trying to steer away from after bad experiences of low pay with no growth and tight budgets, it’s mainly recruiting (I hate recruiting and have been trying to be more HR focused like a generalist), I have to drive around the state which is anywhere from 2–3 hours a couple times a week, and the medical insurance is too high (nearly $500 for my husband and I…we currently pay $150 for an individual plan). The pros: people seem decent, decent pay but lower than my goal, and a lot of PTO.

I’m waiting to discuss it with my husband for his thoughts. Do I accept a job I’m not interested in when I’m not desperate yet? I honestly would still continue to look for other work as much as I can try while employed there so I don’t want to waste both our time if I wanna try to leave anyway. The onboarding takes forever so it wouldn’t be until January to start.

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Given that you are in ok shape financially and other jobs have been posted that you would prefer, I would suggest not taking the job you really don’t want. If you were desperate for the money, i would say take it.

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@janbb I am leaning towards not taking it but I do feel a lot of guilt because I feel like if I were to start receiving unemployment in January that I am taking advantage of the system in some people’s eyes. I guess I shouldn’t feel that way since I am actively searching and not even receiving unemployment yet.

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I agree that if you were already on unemployment it might feel unfair, but since you’re not, I wouldn’t worry about that. I think you’re fine doing what’s best for you in this situation and that you can feel lucky that you have some options.

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It is hard to turn down a job offer but, given the circumstances, that is probably the better choice. The job market is tight now, but should be opening up next year, after the vaccine is released. You are not in a desperate position and the virus provides a good reason to give potential employers for why you are not working.

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A job you don’t want is a stepping stone if you can make it one, a waste of time if you can’t

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Thank you; everyone. It is hard to decline an offer but I managed to do it while keeping a connection and leaving it on a very positive note. Crossing my fingers for the other opportunities, I am waiting to hear back on another job I want by next week. I’ve started to apply and tailor my resume to the positions i want since I’m beginning to see more openings.

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