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For those who grind their own coffee at home, do you do a mix of different coffees or do you like one kind?

Asked by jca2 (12687points) December 5th, 2020

I just got a new coffee maker and grinder. I have two different kinds of beans (Starbucks Winter Blend and a Colombian from Trader Joe’s) and some Maxwell House. The Maxwell House is in a big, handy tin. I ground up some of the Winter Blend and the Trader Joe’s and mixed them together in a small jar. I could grind and mix all three but that might be blasphemous.

What do you do? Do you drink one kind at home? Do you blend different ground beans? Do you have different kinds you drink on different days?

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I have sometimes two or three open bags of beans.
I like Peaberry I also buy from this company.

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In recent years, I almost always use one kind, from a wonderful local coffee roaster. Pretty much always the same kind unless it’s out of supply, in which case it would be another of their types.

I have ground mixes before, but usually just because of what I had on hand, rather than trying to concoct my own blends. If I weren’t so spoiled for excellent choices, I might resort to trying to find my own preferred mix.

And no, my only variety in coffee I make myself is whether to heat and foam milk and pre-heat the cup or not. I do those things for freshly brewed coffee, but tend not to when drinking the rest of the coffee after it’s cooled down (i.e. with cold milk).

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Coffee is coffee to me. I just toss a filter and some Folgers into my Mr. Coffee and I’m good to go. Really need it at work, throw some in my thermos when I work night shift.

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