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Does anyone feel their eye twitch?

Asked by FrancisRude (225points) September 7th, 2008

My lower right eye lid have been twitching for the past few days. I asked my friends and family whos in the medical field and most of them say its normal. They say its either im stressed, lacking sleep, or had too much caffeine?

I tried sleeping well, so thats crossed out, stress maybe?

Anyone felt this before? It just feels funny haha.

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I think it’s pretty damn cool, not something that happens often but is a strange feeling.

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Its pretty cool, but really feels weird and it kinda bothers me.

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I’ve had that happen before, where it twitches often for a day or two. It went back to normal on its own. I’m sure that some other Flutherites will have a more medical answer for you, though.

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had the same this weekend. Slept well, less coffee, and did some relaxing activities away from the Computer/tv. That helped. The twitching became quite irritating after a while!

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Yeah, it’s happened to me before. It does feel weird. For me, it usually doesn’t last long. Thank goodness.

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Are you smoking pot?

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I get this all the time and yes, it is typically when tired – from lack of sleep or being very busy. It goes away after a while, once I’ve rested up – but it is annoying while it’s happening!

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I have had this happen. I have found that it usually occurs when I have been on the computer a lot, in the sun without sunglasses, reading a lot or watching a lot of television, anything that might cause eyestrain. I avoid the computer for a few days (or at least cut back significantly and take frequent breaks), make sure I’m wearing my sunglasses. To deal with the twitch itself, I lay down with a warm washclothe across my eyes for about 15 minutes and I get a light face massage to relax the muscles around my eyes. However, if this continues, worsens, is accompanied with numbness or pain, see a doctor immediately.

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Marissa is right on here. I’m surprised that no one else mentioned eyestrain. You may want to go to the eye doctor. This use to happen to me when I would sit on the computer or read for long periods.

It’s because I actually became slightly farsighted after my lasik surgery. I can read and see everything fine but if I’m going to do anything for an extended period, I wear very light prescription reading glasses to prevent eyestrain (and thus the twitch).

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I get it when I rub my eyes a lot or squint. I’m thinking it’s muscular in origin.

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This is happening to me right now. I believe in my case it’s stress related.

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this is similar to a previos question asked (although searching would not have found it). It’s a muscle twitch, they usually come and go (much like the karma chameleon), do not signify anything bad. drinking tonic water can help.

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I’m glad you asked this question. I’ve had this happenn to me for days at a time, and it’s usually very annoying when it doesn’t stop. Now I will know why and what to do.

@drhat77 Quinine makes sense to me now. My wasband was given quinine for lumbar spasms, and now I know the answer to that also. I thought it odd at first that a malaria medicine was given for back pain. Thanks for the info!!

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This was happening to me in my class this morning and it wouldnt stop, it was very distracting

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Happens to me all the time, due to coffee consumption and exhaustion. Funny thing, my massage therapist fixed it by rubbing my eyelid…I’d been rubbing it too, but apparently what she referred to as “the wrong way.” It worked.

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UPDATE: Well first off, thanks guys for the wonderful replies, ive just been busy. Anyway, i do feel a little better on the twitching, it comes and go. I have just been stressed recently and havent released endorphins naturally too .. i.e., working out.

I have asked couple of people that i know involved with health and sciences, that those things are normal and we really cant find definite explanation, but all would say relax, reduce stress and caffeine.

Anyway, thanks alot for the people who replied.

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