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Have you ever met a famous person (celebrity) under unplanned/abnormal/atypical circumstances?

Asked by JackAdams (6497points) September 8th, 2008

Here’s what I mean:

In 1979, I was waiting to board a jet, flying from DFW to Denver, and I struck up a casual conversation with this very nice black gentleman who was seated next to me, named Mack Pride (1907–96). Next to him was his brother, country music singing sensation, Charley Pride. The three of us had an enjoyable chat, while Mack was waiting to board the flight (Charley wasn’t boarding; he lives in Dallas).

Charley was impressed with the fact that I didn’t act like I knew who he was, so he wouldn’t be mobbed by autograph seekers in the boarding area, and as Mack and I were getting ready to board our flight, Charley pulled out a $50 bill and said, “Could you do me a favor, please? My brother has no way to get home from the Denver airport, other than a cab, and if you don’t mind…”

I told him to put away his money, and that I and my wife (at that time) would be delighted to give Mack a ride home, and that the only charge would be an autograph on the “jacket” of our Braniff Airways boarding pass, and Charley agreed to that.

That began a friendship with me and Mack Pride that lasted for several years.

Another time, I saw an elderly motorist having trouble with his car (by the side of a highway) just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. He was a professional comedian, and I promised him that I would never mention his name to anyone, ever, so I won’t.

But, after I helped him with his car, he shook my hand warmly and said, “Whaddaya know! I finally got some respect from someone!”

So, have you ever met someone we would all know, under conditions that were not “conventional?” Tell us about it.

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Yep. Several while they were having invasive medical procedures.

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I met Bob Saget at a wedding once (friend of the groom). He was a very nice guy, after the wedding he came into my families restaurant for lunch on his way out of town.

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I once told Bob Saget that the probably had one of the most appropriate names, in all of show business, and that he was probably related to one of the richest men, on this planet.

When he stared at me in surprise, I told him that if he would rearrange the letters in his surname, “SAGET,” that they would spell, “STAGE,” and rearranging them again, would spell “GATES.”

His jaw dropped open.

He had nice tonsils.

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The closest to a celebrity I’ve met by chance was running in to Uffe Ellemann Jensen at a pedestrian crossing in Copenhagen. I went over to him, stuck out my hand and said hello. He smiled, shook my hand and said hello back and that was that….
Although, if we’re talking atypical: During my recent visit home, I did end up spending two days a guide for an English band that’s been around since the 60’s. They were playing a local festival. In return I got a free pass to the 3 days of the festival.

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My mother met Joanna Lumley among others, at my mum’s cousin’s funeral. That’s pretty unplanned.

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Jim J. Bullock. He was locked outside of his Corvette outside a FatBurger in Hollywood. We got pictures while he waited for AAA. Really nice guy.

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I went to a club in NYC where danity kane launch party was and met them but unexpectedly I met neyo, patty lebel, fabulous, day 26, donnie , a comedian wayans brothers, lc from the hills. All in 1 night. Damn I love ny

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oh ya and seven the producer 2

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my roommate is an actor :)

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When Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn saw my husband’s classic car they stopped and offered to buy it. I ran into Tom Selleck leaving the doctor’s office, and Robert Hayes (Airplane!) shopping in Whole Foods. I shopped at Barnes and Noble with John McGinley and saw a play with the gal who said “this house is clean” in Poltergeist.

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The guy that played “John Boy Walton” on “The Waltons” (the guy with the mole). I was window shopping in a men’s clothing store on 86th street in Manhattan and he was too. So we talked. I found out he lived around there.

Last summer I was in a Barnes and Noble Bookstore in White Plains when, who walks in, Joe Torre, the former Yankee manager. I got his autograph on the book I was looking at.

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That’s it!

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I took Shelley Duvall on a tour through our cave once. She was with a friend and they were visiting San Antonio. We were near the end of the tour, and she’s looking around the cave and remarking on how we did such a good job with the lights. Then she says,

“You know, I bet this place would look fantastic at night.”

I suppressed a laugh, but her friend looked at her and said, “Shelley, that’s got to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard you say.”

Then I laughed…

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I saw Clete Boyer in my neighborhood tavern once. The owner was fawning over him, but since I’m not a yankees fan, I was unimpressed.

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You mean you did NOT GROVEL??????????????

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Nope. But I wouldn’t grovel with any celebrity. They are people just like you and I.

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Not true, according to them.

All of them walk on water.

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I grew up in a tourist town, where many celebs and famous people either had homes or Summered. Never phased me, or impressed me, but from that experience, I never had the desire to be famous. They were so commonplace in the town that the locals left them alone. The only time they were noticed was when other tourists would make a big deal out of it.

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Business owners in Malibu, California are super-zealous, when it comes to protecting/respecting the privacy of their celebrity customers.

One guy who owned a grocery store there, once fired an employee on the spot, because she casually asked the late actor Charles Bronson how things were progressing on his latest movie.

Mr. Bronson, always a polite gentleman in real life, took the store owner aside and asked him to please reinstate the teenage girl to her position.

He complied.

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@JackAdams , I walk on water too!! on rainy days, ha ha!!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. John Travolta has a house 2 miles away from my Florida home. I haven’t caught a glimpse of him yet, but I’m not looking for him either. My niece saw him in the grocery store, and he has been in the christmas parade in a neighboring town.

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Similar albeit not identical question from AC three weeks ago; 56 responses.

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@gail: I thought I was having déjà vu here. t.

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I saw the AC question, before posting mine, and it didn’t address “chance encounters” or “coincidental happenings,” so I believed I wasn’t duplicating anyone’s question.

I hope I never do that, because I really would feel embarrassed, if someone already had “squatter’s rights” to a question I had posted, ex post facto.

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I’ve met Boy George, Alicia Minshew, Cameron Mathison through my actor friend. Also, Euan Morton, who isn’t really famous but was up for Best Actor in the Tonys a few years ago… anybody that watches, you may remember him; he showed up in a traditional Scottish kilt.

Anyway, the oddest encounter I had was at my friend’s Broadway show, and Rosie O’Donnell was by the bar doing an interview. I wasn’t paying attention, just getting a drink, and then she turned to me and asked if I thought 200lbs was fat.

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And you’re not gonna tell us how you responded?

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@Jack: With the way the subject has been argued by some people on this site? Not on your life.

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Damn! (Yet another secret, withheld.)

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I was staying in a chi-chi hotel in NY, in an upscale neighborhood just down the block from a celebrity-filled apartment building. I went downstairs to smoke and make a call.. walked outside, phone to my ear, lit a cigarette, looked up and there was Matt Dillon walking by, like 3 feet from me.

I felt kind of dumb, though, because it seriously took my brain many seconds to process why he looked familiar.. so I stared. He stared back. I didn’t mean to stare, if my brain had worked a little faster, I’d have smiled at him and said hi.

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i took jonathan richman, his wife, and in-laws on a tour of farm sanctuary.

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Yes. I met David Hasselhoff.

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