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What the future holds for us?

Asked by RobinG (37points) August 3rd, 2007

There is global warming, there is the oil crisis, population growth rate, human chip implants... So, how do you see our future, black or white? Or maybe gray? Why?

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I think that nature solves everything. We just need to be careful with our enery and oil. If we do that right, nature does the rest. The humanoid will never die, untill everyone is finished here, then we go to heaven.

Later we control technology by speech and thoughts. Maybe, we don't need to work with a computer, because the computer just thinks.

I certainly do not hope that the world will be mechanized, oh no. I think it look just like now, but on the inside it's more technical, like 'invisible' technology, or at least very small.

Technology isn't going to change our whole life, but maybe your communication with people and the 'ease of life'. If the technology is going to 'think', we have more time in our lazy chairs, or go to the the sport-school. (I preffer the first one!)

That's what I think. :-)
Tell whay you think too!

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id prefer being color blind then!!...jst kiddin…well i guess ur right klaas4. Buh what i say is…everithing has to get over…life on earth will as it is end…no matter how much experiments ppl are doing…with the experiments it may get delayed…but wen it comes again it’ll have a much more drastic effects!

Life is uncertain and so is future!!

To have a good future try not wasting the natural resources as they are limited…

hope this answer suited the question asked!! ;D

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