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Learning personal fashion?

Asked by Jonathan_hodgkins (684points) December 27th, 2020

My wife and I need to up our fashion game. We are financially stable and tend to go conservative with our clothes, often wearing the same things for far too long. We don’t know much about fashion or what would look good on us. Recommendations for resources to acquire this knowledge or steps we should take?

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I would normally say got to a department store you like and browse for clothes or better yet, find a personal shopper to suggest items for you. Since that is not possible now or likely in the future, maybe pick up a few fashion magazines like GQ and Cosmopolitan. The fashion spreads will probably be too much for you but the ads may give you ideas. Or if you have friends whose clothes sense you admire, ask them where they shop.

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Why the change? What dissatisfies you about how things are right now?

Fashion reflects the soul and its needs. Is there a deeper reason that you need to explore?

Does your wife agree with you?

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I wondered the same thing as @elbanditoroso. I don’t know about the soul part, but surely the answer has to come out of whatever it is that you’re unhappy about now, one or both of you.

Did somebody tell you that you ought to change the way you dress?

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