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Is it true that a multitude of apartment tenants who have fallen behind on their rent, especially without federal aid, face eviction?

Asked by luigirovatti (2820points) December 27th, 2020


Quote: ”Congress and President Trump have yet to [...] extend an eviction moratorium beyond Dec. 31, when it is set to expire.

Landlords have [filed] hundreds of thousands of eviction notices at local courthouses around the country, cases that are ready to advance once moratoriums are no longer in place.

But, it’s not finished here. Here’s the most shocking part:

Earlier this week, Congress approved a stimulus package that would have offered at least a temporary reprieve: $25 billion in emergency aid and a month-long extension to the federal moratorium. President Trump then shocked lawmakers Tuesday night, arguing the bill was a “disgrace” because it offered “ridiculously low” $600 stimulus checks. He demanded $2,000 checks instead, though he did not mention that his own treasury secretary had pushed for the lower amount and had told lawmakers that the president would support the legislation.

With the stimulus package in limbo, 14 million Americans are slated to lose unemployment aid on Saturday and the government is set to shut down on Tuesday. Lawmakers, who had been wrangling over the bill for months, have not yet devised a plan to avoid those deadlines.

The eviction moratorium, issued by Trump in September, bars the removal of tenants earning less than $99,000 annually from their homes provided they certify to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

So, what do YOU think? Do you risk eviction for this last “TRUMPed-up” conspiracy?

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It’s not a conspiracy, please keep you terms straight. It’s the truth that many face evictions at the end of the year if the stimulus is not renewed. It’s been widely reported. I own my house so I don’t face eviction but the President is certainly causing grief to many.

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It must be true. I saw it on the national TV news.

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@janbb: I merely meant that Trump sees it as the umpteenth conspiracy.

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^^ Still don’t see it as a conspiracy from anyone’s point of view.

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Yes, it is true.

No, I’m not personally in that situation.

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Yes, it’s true. No, I don’t face eviction.

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Of course it’s true. And the threat is that the creeping catastrophe resulting from the separation of reality regarding the haves (legislators in particular) and the have nots will erupt into the very loud and visible open with more than justified political consequences to those convinced that helping people is onerous and profligate in preference to further inflating the stock market.

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We don’t know what Trump sees. But the eviction crisis is real.

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Best of all, drumpf did not even veto the bill. He just decided to leave the bill in limbo, so congress does not even have the option to override him.
Instead he decided to go play golf.

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First off it’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s a fact. Second it’s not just apartment dwellers as many homeowners are behind on their mortgage payments and the banks growing impatient. Many will be homeless, living in their cars all the while trying to fight covid. As a wealthy real estate mogul, trump would have evicted everyone back in March when this problem first started. With the way he thinks, this might be why he didn’t sign off on the bill before skipping out on us
My family has been blessed in that my husband has had the benefit of working from home and I almost always have a garden where I can can or freeze our food. That saves us a ton of money. My husband always plans for disasters and he’s paid our mortgage in such a way that we were ahead on the payment when the SHTF

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I don’t rent either but my mortgage holder has been incrediable. I fell almost 3 months behind and the bank just patiently waited for the chance for me to catch up.

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Sad but true.

I’m not facing eviction myself (in part ‘cos I’m literally working my ass off), and I’m lucky enough to live in a state & city that have enacted their own moratoriums.

But I have friends in other areas of the country who are less fortunate & will be at risk if Congress can’t get a real relief bill past Trump. Conspiracy?? No – Just our usual bullshit politics.

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I think he’s punishing us all.

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trump just signed the bill. Don’t know if it will help at this point.

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Yes, it’s true. These assistance programs depend on Congressional votes (which have occurred) and the signature of the president (which hasn’t occurred).

Yes, people will be thrown out of their homes and starve. Isn’t America a shining example to the world?

If we had a real president in office, instead of a petulant three year old, this wouldn’t be happening. But I have been saying that for four years.

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The note holder for our truck and pontoon boat gave us a pass from April to September. It was amazing.

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As of today Sunday 12/27/20: It was true, but breaking news reports from such sources as Politico, CNN, USA today and others seem to indicate that the Federal eviction moratorium has been extended to some time in March. I’ve haven’t read all the details yet, but it seems that POTUS has signed the bill into law.

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And I am sure that he expects adulation for holstering the gun that he held to your head.
I am equally sure that his followers will be all to eager to give it.

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@ragingloli No doubt. It seems he came out of his golf course pout long enough to try to take credit for everyone else’s work.

Update: the extension is effective until January 31,2020.

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^ 2021?

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I guess it must be retroactive?~~

Seriously, @chyna thanks for the correction!

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Since this Q was asked, I saw statistics that said 6 million people will be becoming homeless.

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