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Aunt B?

Asked by AuntB (13points) December 28th, 2020

Trying to join – filled in the requested info, read the rules & see no confirmation that I’ve joined. Still see my comment on the thread waiting for me to join – help!

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There’s no secret initiation ritual. You’ve posted a question. You’re in. Consider your question your receipt or certificate of membership. Welcome aboard. Check your messages (click on your profile)

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You’re in!

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Are you related to Andy Griffith?

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You is in. Welcome to the lagoon!!

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This ain’t Mayberry, we don’t hold your hand! But Barney won;t get handsy with you, and Opie can’t post until he turns 13.

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You’re here let the games begin,just kidding welcome.

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What would be great Aunt B is f you add a smidge to your profile so we can get to know you a bit. Maybe an avatar picture that you like.

Otherwise, lurk a bit, answer some questions. Maybe ask a couple.

We are very happy to have you.

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Welcome to Fluther! Here’s the secret handshake (wiggle fingers, pump the hand twice, wink with the RIGHT eye, slap your knee). Seriously, there is no initiation, there is no great to-do. You just posted your first question so you have an account. Enjoy the water!

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In case everyone has forgotten, there is a verification process when you first sign up. Also, you get a message that your account hasn’t been verified until you complete that process.

[Mod Says]

@AuntB Welcome to Fluther! As far as I can tell, your account has been verified. If you are still having trouble, try requesting a new verification email. If that doesn’t work, let us know via the Contact From and we will get it sorted out for you.

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Welcome @AuntB, can I fix you something to eat?

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@Kardamom, isn’t that a bit like coals to Newcastle? :)

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