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McDonalds? So good and so bad.

Asked by swimmindude2496 (322points) September 8th, 2008

Why must McDonalds food be so delicious and Yet so bad for you at the same time.

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I hadn’t eaten mcdonalds since last year, but I just tried a bite 2 days ago. I puked.

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Wow. How funny is that and if you haven’t had it in a year. I am sure it tasted good. Not the puke but the McDonalds food that hasn’t been regurgitated was still good.

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It’s chemically engineered to hit all your brain’s pleasure buttons. That’s really the answer.

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All of Mickey D’s food tastes the same to me – BLAND! I think Ronald is the anti-Christ.

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@swim. I puked from the taste and texture. After eating extremely healthy for 9 months, the grease was disgusting. I’m so happy to stay away from that garbage.

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A buddy of mine once worked there while in high school, and he told me, “If you work there and see how things are done, you will never again be a customer there.”

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It is sad but true. My Uncle was an employee there for a year or two. And will never eat there again. I happen to disagree. Well sorta.

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You are all a bunch of liars – I’ve seen you sneaking under the golden arches for your McD fix….like you couldn’t resist that Egg McMuffin….

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@rowenaz: Im not denying anything :)

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Now I want chicken nuggets. Damn it.

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I like the iced coffee. I know, I know, I shouldn’t but I do. I checked the nutritional info on it once—how do they even fit all those calories in that stuff? Scary to be sure. When I indulge in my guilty pleasure, I often ponder this question. My conclusion? Evil conspiracy between fast food and dieting companies. They add something addictive to the food then diet you off. Where upon you indulge in your guilty pleasure, get hooked again, diet it off again. It’s a never ending circle… of profit.

hey, it could be true.

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@battle I know what you mean!!!

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Y’all have seen Supersize Me, right?

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Don’t forget the fries…. Yeah I Love That. I need a double cheeseburger and hold the lettuce.

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Mickey D’s isn’t bad for you.

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