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Why some people give up to eat red or white meat even if they like it?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) September 8th, 2008 from iPhone

I know it’s more healthy if you don’t include red meats on your diet, but I think
That eat it once a week won’t do anything to you.. Any vegetarians here? Why?

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Why do people give up anything they like? Because they think it isn’t good for them.

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I don’t eat animals because I would prefer not to be eaten. I’m assuming they feel the same way.

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i gave up eating red meat over 20 years ago because it always made me feel bloated. as i got older though, i began to re-consider red meat couldn’t be all that bad and plus i had become anemic due to lack of protein. i eat red meat occasionally but no pork. after time, you begin to realize all things God created is OK to eat, but it’s up to you to moderate how much. isn’t free will the greatest since sliced bread? ok, whole wheat bread.

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I don’t eat meat at all. Partly because I physically feel better when I don’t, partly because I think our agribusiness techniques are unnecessarily cruel and and unhealthy, and largely because I don’t like to eat shit. Meat processing is incredibly nasty and unsanitary (I’ve been to multiple processing plants because of my job). And when large numbers of people get sick because of fecal contamination (like the fast food hamburger outbreak a few years ago), the government response is an official recommendation to cook the meat longer to kill the bacteria (rather than to clean up the source).

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I’ll give up my steak when they pry my cold, dead lips from around it!

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I gave up meat because I will no longer put an extra penny in the pocket of anyone who contributes to the abuse and torture of animals.

But damn it! Not a day goes by that I don’t crave a juicy cheeseburger or my moms meatballs!

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I’m recovering from a heart attack and have gone “flexi-tarian” for health reasons. I sometimes eat fish or chicken every couple of weeks to make sure I get enough protein. Otherwise, my diet is low sodium, low fat, and low cholesterol.

But I’m not adverse to a nice steak for a celebratory occasion! I’m just ultra strict with my diet the rest of the week

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nikipedia said it best. In this day and age there is absolutely no reason for anyone to eat meat. Yes, I realize that my opinion puts me in the minority.

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I gave up eating meat by accident a few months ago. But I ate a homemade BLT today and it was so good I ate another one for dinner. I don’t know what to think about this at all.
Except… I once read a pretty interesting book by some British guy who suggested we could
eat some meat for flavoring, as opposed to bulk, if we can stand to murder our fellow creatures. If.

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@susan, I’ve recently discovered a great tasting vegan bacon called Smart Bacon. Not sure where you live and if you can find it but I make a fake BLT that is pretty close to the real deal.

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I don’t care for Smart Bacon. Do you prefer it over Morningstar Farms Breakfast Strips? Those are the best.

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I’ve never tried Morningstar.. But I will! Always looking for good meat alternatives but I’ve never found anything that tastes like a real burger. You?

The closest I’ve come is “Amy’s” brand.

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Boca is as close as I’ve found, but if you cook or grill them too long they tend to dry out. Overall, I prefer Gardenburgers. They don’t taste anything like meat but that’s okay with me. My favorite thing to eat in a hamburger bun, though, is a nicely grilled portabello mushroom cap.
If you want something veg that really tastes like meat I suggest Gardenburger’s Riblets. When I first had them I felt uncomfortable eating them. That’s how close to real ribs they taste.

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I’ll try them. Thanks Astro.

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Our society is becoming more health conscious and daily exercise and watching what we eat is on the top of the list. Red meat has been linked to certain heath hazards such as cancer, heart disease, bone loss, hypertension and diabetes. Although many of us would love to have a big juicy steak every day we are trying to resist the temptation. I think like everything else moderation is the key. Maybe cutting back to having red meat once a week is a good idea.

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I don’t like what red meat and white meat do to the environment.

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