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Mask wearing as incubators of disease?

Asked by catcaptain99 (21points) January 17th, 2021

I have read that the constant re-inhalation of ones breath concentrates microbes &/or virus particles in the lungs.
In trying to relocate the original source info, i find that it may have been scrubbed.

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Sounds inaccurate to me. If your own breath has microbes and viruses to be worried about, then they’re already hanging out in your lungs. I don’t expect the environment of your own mask to be significant for cultivating the microbes and virus you already have, compared to your own interior environment.

Sounds like the imagination of someone who probably didn’t have a good understanding of the situation (and/or deliberately wanting to cause fear and doubt about masks), taken down for good reason, since it might make some people confused or afraid of wearing masks.

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My friend is an anesthesiologist, and she has asthma. She spends hours and hours every working day wearing a mask in various operating rooms. She literally has never had a problem because of that. Never, in a 35 year career.

And, FYI, you are not re-inhaling your own breath, in that case you would pass out from CO2.

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“In trying to relocate the original source info, i find that it may have been scrubbed.”

Do you think it was removed / “scrubbed” because it is a outright lie ? ?

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Sounds like inflammatory sensationalism

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Best masks are disposable. **Worn once only and disposed of. Not a good idea to wear again. I purchased some cotton masks. twenty of them. I wear one time and wash and put through the dryer. (extra sanitizer) If entering second facility 5 minutes later I put on new mask. I remove mask when I exit store. We can only do what we can do to protect ourselves. *handwashing, social distancing and masks. All are important.

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Also the viruses don’t live on surfaces indefinitely.

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Dirty masks (ones worn more than once) do surely harbor germs.

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I wear cloth ones bu put them in the wash after one use.

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If they were so terrible, everyone would be getting respiratory ailments.

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I have heard that that report is false. Dirty masks stink and get washed. Besides that, your nose has enough germs to kill you if they’ve a mind too…
The Japanese have been wearing masks for a long time and if it was so terribly unhealthy, they wouldn’t.

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If you actually “re-inhaled” your breath, you would die from lack of oxygen.

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Well, masks concentrate microbes from your breath and collect them in the fibers. If not for masks, those microbes would fly into the air and infect someone else. That is exactly what we are trying to prevent.

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Sounds only like an (unfounded) reason to not wear a mask, probably cooked up by some snowflake pandemic denier.

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