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Will this situation with Trump lead to a degradation of the impeachment process?

Asked by sadiesayit (1650points) January 17th, 2021

To be clear, Trump should be impeached. That’s not what I’m asking. His actions have shown that he seeks to undermine democratic processes for his own personal gain, and not only should he be prevented from seeking public office again, but it should be made clear to others that if they attempt similar anti-democratic behavior, they will also be removed from office.

To not remove Trump would be to condone this sort of behavior, and that seems downright dangerous.

However, I’m seeing already that many prominent politicians seem to be spinning this as a partisan issue—that this is the “Democrats” going after a political rival, not elected officials doing their duty.

Will this rhetoric, designed to make this specific impeachment seem like merely a partisan issue, also have more long-term consequences? Will this open the door to impeachment being used in the ways certain people are pretending it’s being used now?

And if so, what’s the remedy?

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I hope to not be alive by the next time an impeachment issue comes up.

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I believe it was Livingston, one of the Republican House managers (essentially prosecutors) in the Clinton trial who said the impeachment was payback for what Democrats “did to” Nixon.

I expect Republicans will be pushing bogus impeachment debates, just like they held phony hearings on Benghazi and voted dozens of times to repeal Obamacare. One of the nuttier new House members said she will introduce a bill to impeach Biden on January 21st.

Impeachment or not, we know Republicans would be clownishly degrading Congress, regardless of anything the Democrats do.There is no reason consider their opinions or feelings. They do not act in good faith or within reason.

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People STILL refuse to understand the real significance of Trump. It isn’t impeachment that is diminished. The mere fact that we tolerated this fool for 4 long years degrades it ALL—the entire ball of wax. In my lifetime, I have never witnessed nor would I have believed it possible that so clearly defined and comprehensive a test of our collective values might be devised. I mean ALL of them are there: right vs. wrong, truth vs. dishonesty, intellect vs. ignorance, integrity vs. turpitude, and on and on. Pick ANY checklist you choose, and I don’t give a fuck what your ideology is, if you are willing to place a man in the White House who you would not trust alone in a room with your kids, you yourself are piece of shit, and I will not be dissuaded from that position. What could be worse? If you could look at Trump and fail to understand that he should not be alone in a room with your kid.

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If, as expected, he is acquitted by the senate again, it will further cement the uselessness of the impeachment process in the face of hyper-partisanship.
Extorting a foreign country to get them to interfere in the election on your personal behalf: not a problem for your party.
Inciting a riot and a violent insurrection: A problem to, at best, a handful of your party.
If drumpf’s actions are not enough to get a conviction, nothing will ever be.

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