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When do you think Biden will change Trump's policies on the Southern Border?

Asked by crazyguy (2235points) 1 month ago

As some of you may know, Biden has sent a message to the thousand-or-so strong caravan headed to the US from Honduras to not come now. That is smart because it takes time to put policy changes into effect.

However, I think the extreme left has no patience for niceties. How long do you think it will take Biden to implement policy changes?

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The issue is not policy changes, but implementation capabilities. We need lawyers, courts, and living facilities for them.

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What “Trump policies”? Remember – Obama was known as “deporter in chief”, the administration supported the Honduran coup, and they turned kids away at the border.

That said, are you scared of people asking for asylum from the county that helped destroy their country?

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Thursday. There are Executive Orders that have been drafter. Biden believes in unifying families, and finding the parents of Trump’s Concentration Camp children.

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Let’s first iron out this little wrinkle about “the extreme left” which in your vernacular would seem to be anyone unprepared to condone a policy of kids in cages, denial of due process, massed concentration camps and extrajudicial thuggery. That may be fine for wherever you are living, and wherever THAT is, I have considerable doubt that there is any rush to crash YOUR borders.

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@zenvelo So why didn’t Obama and Biden separate children from their parents at the border?

They had eight years to fix the problem.

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The process of separating children from their parents at the border pre-dates even the Obama administration,. The horrific pictures originally shown were from 2014. The overwhelming majority of minors coming into the states were unaccompanied, or entering with adults who were not their parents.

Trump ended the practice in the Spring of 2018.

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Yes, Biden will change policies. I imagine he’ll do the obvious stuff (stop the border wall) fairly quickly. But to some degree he’s going to be constrained by what Congress and in particular the reactionaries, will pass.

Trump took four years to ruin US immigration policy; I don’t expect Biden to solve it in a day or even a week.

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@stanleybmanly I could easily quash your preconceived notions, but why should I? You are free to believe whatever you want. However, it would be helpful if you stayed on topic.

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@YARNLADY Before you implement anything, you better define what you want to do.

@hello321 Asking for asylum is fine; however, arriving before asylum has been granted is a no-no.

@zenvelo Executive orders were indeed signed yesterday. Now, let’s see the material changes.

@Yellowdog Having laws on the books that you choose not to enforce is perhaps ok in a banana republic; but I always thought we were better than that.

@filmfann Yes, immediately. A piece of paper can be signed. The proof of the pudding is seen where the rubber meets the road.

@Yellowdog It all came down to empathy in enforcement of our laws. The Congress apparently left enforcement of its laws up to the Administration.

@elbanditoroso After Biden is done, what is your estimate of illegal immigrants that cross the southern border?

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“Asking for asylum is fine; however, arriving before asylum has been granted is a no-no.” Not so !

Can I Still Apply for Asylum Even if I Am in the United States Illegally?

“Yes. You may apply for asylum with USCIS regardless of your immigration status if:

You are not currently in removal proceedings

You file an asylum application within one year of arriving to the United States or demonstrate that you are within an exception to that rule.

Maybe your country but that ^^^ is US reg’s

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@crazyguy – hard to say. It depends a lot on the economy and on COVID.

Right now there is comparatively high unemployment in the US thanks to COVID, so the opportunities for immigrants are pretty low. Even if they get over the border, there may not be jobs in the first place.

However, if unemployment gets back to 3–4 percent as it was pre-COVID, there will be a need for workers, especially the low skill jobs that a lot of immigrants take (gardeners, warehouse, agriculture (crop picking), food service, etc.) and at that point we will see more people at the border.

The question is: in times of low unemployment, do we bring people in, let them work and pay taxes, and possibly become consumers? Or do we throw them out.

Remember that a couple years ago (Trump’s second year) there were not enough agricultural workers to pick crops, and food spoiled in the field because there was no one to pick it.

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I assume Biden has the issue on the back burner, but is certain to be forced to address it soon enough. At minimum his election signals the end of the pogrom

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@elbanditoroso Good points.

The truth is that no matter how good the US economy is, illegal immigrants exert a downward pressure on the minimum wage. Reagan tried (unsuccessfully) to impose employer penalties for hiring illegal immigrants. Until such penalties are imposed and rigidly enforced, illegal immigrants will find work. They will often make less than the minimum wage. That will put pressure on the minimum wage. Something Biden and Company neglect to mention.

The reason American workers will not accept jobs that immigrants take ’(gardeners, warehouse, agriculture (crop picking), food service, etc.)’ is that they pay so little. If the wages for such jobs are forced up by cutting down illegal immigration, you will have unemployed Americans standing in line to take these same jobs.

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“If the wages for such jobs are forced up by cutting down illegal immigration, you will have unemployed Americans standing in line to take these same jobs.” Source please . . . . . . . . . . . GOT none

I live in an agricultural area and nobody (non immigrant) wants the jobs in the fields at 105 * F even if they paid $15 and hour.

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