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Why do white supremacists hate Jews? Aren't they white?

Asked by 2davidc8 (10162points) January 17th, 2021

There was a Jan. 6 rioter wearing a Camp Auschwitz t-shirt, for example.

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Because they thrive on hate. Also because they’re morons..put their brain in a match box of would sound like a bb rolling around in a box car.

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White supremacist ideology is centered on the assertion that the “white race” is in danger of extinction, drowned by a rising tide of non-white people who are controlled and manipulated by Jews. White supremacists believe that almost any action is justified if it will help “save” the “white race”.

Some even go so far as to say there is a kind of Illuminati of sorts of the Jews running the world,

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White supremacists consider white, blonde, blue eyed people to be superior.
Most jews don’t have blonde hair or blue eyes.
White supremacists are also taught that Jews killed Christ.
not that they actually follow any of Christ’s teachings…

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Race is a social construction, and that includes whiteness. All sorts of groups that we consider to be “obviously” white have been considered non-white at times (e.g., the Irish). It has as much to do with acceptance into a particular social and political class as it does with the actual color of one’s skin. If you are interested specifically in the history of Jews and whiteness in the US, I would recommend the book How Jews Became White Folks and What That Says About Race in America by Karen Brodkin.

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@filmfann Call them what they are. Nazis. No need to dance around these dirt bags.

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They do not consider them to be “white”.
They do not consider hispanic people to be white, either.
The same used to be true for Italians and Irish.

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We’re “white” until we’re not it seems. Blaming the Jews and other “others” has always been a strategy of hate mongers who want to stir up the rabble.

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I couldn’t ever understand this. I also don’t understand why they don’t like East Asians, as they’re white as well.

(I haven’t yet read the previous responses)

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What I know of Jews is that they think they are God’s (only) chosen people. Like the Mormons. These white supremacists are also highly religious, so they take exception to Jews. As if a “God” would care! (I am no authority on Jews or their faith, so I might be wrong.)

Religious hypocrites are the worst!

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Because White Supremacy in America is White and Protestant. That’s how it started. They hated Catholics too. The Irish weren’t good enough. The Polish. The Italians were seen as Black or almost Black.

The Jews are scape goated. They are characterized as wanting to take all the wealth and take everything over and making everyone else miserable. It’s easy to pick on the Jews we are an extremely small number.

@filmfann I kind of disagree with your characterization since almost my entire Jewish family has blue eyes. Both my parents, my sister, and my entire paternal side and more than half my maternal side are blue-eyed and many many of my Jewish friends. True we don’t have as many blondes as the Dutch, but either do the White Supremacists in our country. In some parts of Europe we were characterized as redheads.

I do think a lot of WS think Jews are dark skin, dark eyes, and dark hair, in fact one time when I was in college someone actually asked me how can I be Jewish and have blue eyes.

I don’t know what percentage of Jews have blue eyes, but I assume part of the reason so many do is because until recently they were very clannish (what choice did we have) marrying our own, and recessive traits often showed up. That’s probably why we have redheads too, although not in the quantity of the Irish and some other groups.

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But…but…but…the Jews are God’s chosen people!! Dumbass white supremists.

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It occurs to me they project. They accuse the Jewish people of wanting to control and take over the world—look at what the WS does. Hitler wanted to take over the world and tried. These WS in America want to take over the government. What a joke.

@janbb We are white when people don’t want to hear that we empathize with other minorities.

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W S people are morons definition. For the love of any gods that may or may not exist, somebody EDUCATE these fucking assholes. Jews dominate the world? Hey yo, Sparky- yeah you with the snuff cup and the bazooka in gun rack in your truck. Ever heard of the Holocaust? If Jews dominate world they do a piss poor job of it. And from the trauma I’ve heard about from WW II vets who liberated some of those camps, I would strongly advise you not to tell them it never happened. Unless you want your dong knocked in the dirt. Don’t underestimate those old fellas. I heard one story about some GIs at one camp,.who were.sp upset and freaked out by the horror they saw, that when the found camp guards hiding from them in a railroad box car, they lost it and shot every one gaurds out of hand. Even the big brass lost it. One general knocked a soldier down who had given his weapon to a realseased prisoner to shoot guards, his own C.O. told
the general he’d knock him on the jaw if ever laid a hand on his men again. And as @Dutchess_III points out, you clowns claim to be Bible reading Christians, go blow the dust off of your King James and READ it asshats..something about Jews being God’s chosen people, and by the way, Jesus was also a Jew. I am so damn sick of these two faced liar ass circle jerk fucking Republicans.

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By the way, many Jews are not white – not that that’s so relevant to the question. There are Black Jews, Persian and Arabic Jews and other Jews who identify as people of color.

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And Atheist Jews!

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You’re not really aupposed to be able to understand them…that’s the point…..they’re just wrong.
You can only entertain and try to understand flat earthers for so long…’s the same thing with any race supremacist.
All you can do is be nice and talk to them like a child while presenting empirical evidence. It’s up to them to accept it and change their ways.

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Thanks for joining in this conversation @Blackberry.

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@Dutchess_III I was thinking about that when @kritiper wrote about Jews being chosen. Around 40% of Jews don’t even believe in God, or identify as secular, so we certainly don’t think we are chosen. Doesn’t help, because they hate atheists too.

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@JLeslie If you deprive them of hate, they’ll probably drop dead of shock. Hmmmm….ideas…

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One strange thing is that many of those who are anti-Jew are also strongly pro-Israel, because the Bible says that the formation of a Jewish state is a necessary precursor to the return of Jesus.

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And they’re to damn stupid to see the disconnect. But don’t get me off on another rant.

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They just want to use the Jews to bring on the second coming. Think about it like the Egyptians using slaves to build the pyramids in that horrid dessert heat lifting heavy stones. They didn’t like or respect those slaves. If one fell off the pyramid and died, no great loss to the masters.

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Bingo! By Jove, I think you’ve got it!

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I’ll only add, that if there ever is a Second Coming, a lot of those types will get a hell of a shock. No pun intended. And I’m not talking about the Jews. lol

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