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Are there any tips for getting a cheaper Amtrak ticket?

Asked by gsiener (438points) November 12th, 2006
Trying to take the train home for thanksgiving...
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If you have a AAA card, it can get you a discount
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there is a student discount, but you have to buy early. however, you might find that a *flight* is, in fact, cheaper and more reliable for timing. try
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If I recall correctly, you need a StudentAdvantage card to get the student discount, but they might have changed that. Also, there are different kinds of trains (the faster ones like the Acela Express are more expensive) so try different times and price will vary
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plus, depending on where you're going, there is the Chinatown Bus between Boston, NYC, Philly, and DC adn that is a very cheap way to travel; tix are as low as $20 each way.
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I learned the hard way that you can't get a AAA discount unless it's at least 3 days in advance. the ticket quickly if you are a AAA member!
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amtrak is often cheaper at strange times - early morning, late at night - also you can earn points on Amtrak toward free tickets, and right now you can register for double points - for whatever that's worth
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