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What is the best sauce to put on burritos?

Asked by uberalex (5points) September 8th, 2008

I’ve always been partial to Salsa Lizano (from Costa Rica) but now I feel like branching out.
My typical burrito consists of refried beans and cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla. Nothing more.

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Please give the recipe for Salsa Lizano so we can be sure not to duplicate it in error.
And so we can have some.

And welcome to Fluther. Food is the best thing we discuss.

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Homemade salsa of chile arbol if you like spicy! Yummy!! I’m hungry now!! You put chile arbol and tomatillo on a pot with boiling water, in like 10 minutes put everything on the blender with salt and, blend, then pour on your burrito and enjoy! Invite me ok? ;)

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I agree,
With susanc!

Food is my favorite dish!

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I really like putting salsa verde on my burritos. As I just discovered this at the local ridiculous mexican place, I can’t provide a recipe. (Ridiculous because $5 will buy you a delicious burrito that will last at least three meals.)

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Three meals? Please supply the name/address of that place!!!!

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Ha, Salsa Lizano is a brand. It’s usually only sold in Costa Rica but there are a few stores stateside that carry it. There’s also Amazon. If I could only have one sauce forever, it would be Lizano.
Thanks for the warm welcome!

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Welcome to the collective uberalex. I admit to preferring verde sauce made with tomatillas on my burritos as well. I’d love to try yours though. I will look for it.

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