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Did you know that a Higher Power brought me to Fluther, and guides me everytime I post a question or an answer?

Asked by JLoon (7334points) January 23rd, 2021

I think eventually it’s going to turn out like this:

And no – I’m not Sally (she lied unconvincingly).

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And which one would that be?

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@ragingloli – All I know is it doesn’t answer prayers.

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Very funny link!

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@JLoon So that means you lie convincingly? hehehe
@filmfann agreed!

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So you are hearing voices, and these voices are revealing the secret lives of all around you? You know of course the term for folks who follow the directives of narration in their heads? And this voice sent you here?

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Donald Trump led you here???

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@smudges – It means I might be Sally, but you have to believe in me.
@stanleybmanly – They sounded like Morgan Freeman. Was that you?
@kritiper – I said HIGHER power…

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I wish! That guy sounds nearly as rich as he actually is.

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Lol @JLoon hilarious link. That said, the last time some one heard voices they ended up shooting 80 something people from a high rise in Vegas. ; )

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@JLoon Oh….
Do you mean the IRS???

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