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I need to buy about 500 Styrofoam cups.

Asked by jrpowell (40552points) September 9th, 2008

This is in Eugene Oregon. Any placed I could just pick them up?

The kind office workers put coffee into

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Sprawl Mart
Grocery store
Office supply store

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Styrofoam is horrible for the environment. Maybe consider a different kind of cup such as paper.
That’s an especially odd request coming out of Eugene, Oregon. If anyone cares about the environment, it’s Eugene, Oregon!

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If there is a CostCo nearby, find someone with a card. Otherwise your best bets are office supply stores. (And yes, Wal-Mart or Target.) It would be nice if you could try instead insulated paper cups. They feel a bit like thin Styrofoam but are infinitely better for the environment. Plus they are more compact in storage—they store more like paper or plastic cups than big, bulky Styrofoam.

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Good call. I willl see if paper ones work.

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cost is an issue…

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Dixie Perfectouchâ„¢ Hot Cups 12 oz/500 ct $78.13 Item # 117087Top_Left_Nav-Top_search&lang=en-US&Nr=P_CatalogName:BC&Sp=S&N=5000043&whse=BC&ViewAll=35&Ntk=Text_Search&Dr=P_CatalogName:BC&Ne=4000000&D=cups&Ntt=cups&No=15&Ntx=mode+matchallpartial&Nty=1&topnav=&s=1

At Costco in Eugene, Oregon

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Costco, any restaurant supply store. Washington has Cash N Carry (they may be in Oregon too).

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Thank you Marrisa. I will be heading to the store in the morning. That is just about damn near perfect.

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