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What are the reasons, artistically and in-universe, that so many super heroes angle one of their knees when flying?

Asked by ragingloli (52002points) February 5th, 2021

It clearly increases their drag coefficient, so why do they do it?

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So you know they have 2 legs?

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To protect their men parts from flying birds.

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More graceful, balletic, heroic. More dynamic looking, implying movement. Maybe also diagonal symmetry, offsetting the extended arm on the other side. See ancient Greek sculptures of gods and heroes for the same sort of balance.

Also probably modesty.

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Gee, I do that when I fly, but I have a bad knee.

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For a sexier physic ?
Why do women wear high heeled shoes ,when they obviously can’t be comfortable?
The only answer I can come up with it makes the legs,butt, and boobs look sexier.
But any women reading this please correct me if I am wrong.

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Not just superheroes—The Bugaloos (Sid and Marty Croft, the creators of H.R. Puffinstuff in the early 1970s) did this, too. I always wondered why.

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The only thing I can think of is that in real life, it might be helpful for balance, like a bird’s tail. Otherwise, I think I might just spin horizontally.

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You might as well ask why they wear underpants over their trousers.

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It’s like a rudder.
either that, or it helps them control their bladder.

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Mighty Mouse does it, too, and he has really short, stubby legs.

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Do you ever find yourself standing on one leg? Same thing.
And they may all be self-conscious about their pubic bulges, and other bulges, them being super heroes and all…

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“Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a… will you look at the bulge in that guy’s pants!”

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If the male superhero gets an erection while flying, it could be dangerous to things below, so the bent knee is for self-protection.

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They’re all dressed in drag.

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To signal that they’re open for gay sex.

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