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Did you see Van Jones on The View today?

Asked by JLeslie (65512points) February 5th, 2021 from iPhone

What did you think about what he said?

What do you think about how Joy Behar acted?

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People still watch The View?

I did not watch it. I can only guess that Van said something meaningful and Joy ran her mouth as usual.

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I found this clip, but I don’t know if the link will work.

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I don/t think that was Joy Behar in the video.

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It’s not Joy. The video doesn’t show Joy. What happens is Van is in in two segments and at the end of each one Joy is supposed to be the one to take the show to commercial. One time it’s obvious she’s not listening to Van and says something like, “are you done?” In a tone that is half sarcastic half I don’t care you have to say. The other time it’s still obvious she doesn’t care what he says.

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@JLeslie: Oh, ok. Those parts are not in the clip.

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You seem more focused on Joy Behar than you are on Van Jones being a Trump apologist and ignoring the real criticism of Jones tha he is not trusted by the Black community.

And perhaps Behar didn’t give a rat’s ass what he said. By aligning himself with Trump, he is complicity supporting racist policies. His attempted justifications are a house of lies.

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No, I’m more focused on what Van said, and what people think about it.

Of course Joy didn’t care what he said.

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What racist policies?

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