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Do you have, or do you ever use, a turntable?

Asked by Caravanfan (13388points) February 8th, 2021

My wife and daughter got me one for the holidays and I’ve been putting on record albums I haven’t listened to in literally 40 years. I can get most of the stuff digitally with better quality now, but I rather enjoy the experience of putting the record on the record player.

Right now I’m listening to the Amadeus soundtrack. First album, B side.

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I have one and the vinyl is very lonely.

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Yes, I own two vintage Technics turntables and a brand new Pro-Ject table. I have hundreds of used vinyl records, many of them classical. It’s become a hobby of mine in the past few years.

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No, but I have been considering getting one.
My iPod is great, but I have tons of albums I have’t heard in 30 years.

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I have one but it’s in the attic with the rest of the stereo and the albums. My Ex burned most of them to CDs some years ago and that’s what I listen to. I have Pandora as well. I recently sold about a third of my albums; I was kind of glad the buyer didn’t take them all.

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I too have a vintage Technics, it is a SL-1200 with a Stanton 881S, won it in a raffle over 45 years ago. I haven’t used it since we moved 14 years ago because I don’t have room to set it up. I still have albums from when I was on the college radio station.

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Yes I have 2 turn tables (also a cassette player and a reel to reel player) and a large pile of vinyl record. I go through phases where I listen to the records. I’ve digitized some of them.

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No, but I appreciate the appeal, especially if someone wants to actively listen instead of passively enjoying music in the background while their attention is elsewhere.

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Mine isn’t anything fancy. It’s just a beginner turntable that I was able to plug directly into my amplifier.

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I don’t. I considered buying one about ten years ago when my mom said she came across my old albums, but I only owned about ten. There also were about ten 45’s and a few more albums that were my parents’ records. It was so few I didn’t bother. Buying an album was an extravagance growing up, something I didn’t indulge in often, but I did love music.

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Of course I’ve used them in the past. How else would I listen to Houses of the Holy?
And I do actually have one. Several years ago Rick bought me a radio / CD player. I loved it because it looks like a radio from the 30s. Plus the top opens to a turntable. But I don’t have any albums.

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I have two. One is part of an antique radio/tv/stereo console from circa 1965. Radio and turntable still work.

The other is an Audio-Technica turntable which is more suitable for digitization.

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@Strauss The audio-technica is the one my daughter got me.

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My kids got it for me about ten years ago. I haven’t used it often the past few years, but I have a large vinyl collection I hope to digitize someday…

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