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If the word "bidet" is pronounced "Bee-Day", should "Biden" be pronounced "Bee-Den"?

Asked by elbanditoroso (33066points) February 9th, 2021

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With that logic, the name “Riley” should be pronounced “Reeley.”

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Bidet is pronounced with the “i” as in “bit” or “hit.” So Biden would be pronounced as “bidden” like “hidden.”
But, “bidet” is French and that language is weird anyway…

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@kritiper: Except when there’s a double consonant, the vowel will be short (bidden as opposed to Biden).

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I still can’t wrap my head around saying Italian eye-talian, yet all over Michigan they say it that way.

I was going to say what @jca2 just said, you need the double consonant in Biden to pronounce it Bid-den in English, but of course with names and words in English you can do whatever you want in the end.

Race car driver Rafael Matos (we used to spend time with him years ago) was very frustrated when he first started racing professionally that announcers said his name may-toes. I told him if it was spelled Mattos they would more likely get it right. That doesn’t compute in Spanish and Portuguese though. For those languages the a is always the same.

Bidet is French, as @kritper said, and I guess we kept the French pronunciation. Just like we say Cartier cart-ee-ae.

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@JLeslie: A friend of mine pronounced the name “Noel” to rhyme with “Joel.” It’s ludicrous.

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@jca2 Well, Noel Coward, probably the famous Noel, pronounced it that way. When it’s a man’s name, that’s generally how it’s pronounced.

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Only during his anilingus sessions.

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@jca2 My cousin is named Noel pronounced like Joel. Lol. Maybe it’s the same person? Does she know a Noel? My family thought it was really weird to name him Noel considering his mother is Jewish, but I don’t know what they thought about the pronunciation. Noelle, is the female name usually and pronounced like the song.

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@jca2 I was using the words “bidden” and “hidden” as examples as to how to pronounce the “i,” not the “d“s.

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It’s actually a traditional Irish name, so it’s pronounced “Pint”.

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Isn’t bidet a french word? “I” pronounced as I in rid.

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