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What do you think about people that post their stock portfolio value?

Asked by chelle21689 (7648points) 1 month ago from iPhone

I’ve been starting to see more people post their worth. I feel like this is like the equivalent of me telling everyone how much I have in my bank, retirement, or IRA lol

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Where are they posting it? And why?

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Who and where and why? Posting for the general public to see?

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Facebook and Instagram lol just regular people

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It does seem obnoxious.

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I imagine they only post it when it has gone up – I doubt the will post it when it has gone significantly down.

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I haven’t seen this at all. I’ve seen little discussions that pop up about stocks and the stock market, but no different than usual.

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Very tacky.

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Single and trying to “get lucky” ! !

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Petty and pathetic.

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Must be my crowd online

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I haven’t seen it.

People that have a lot usually don’t talk about it, unless they’re insecure or idiotic.

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