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With almost half of republicans open to joining a Trump-led 3rd party, should democrats encourage him to create his own party?

Asked by ragingloli (50597points) February 21st, 2021
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Why in the world would Democrats encourage Trump ?

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@Inspired_2write “Divide and conquer”, classic way to win !

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Democrats should worry about the Democratic party.

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I think Democrats are trying to encourage it. On TV they obsess about how the Republican Party is splitting and seem to want to encourage the idea.

Democrats would be smart to shut up about it. Democrats make all sorts of guesses and assumptions about Republicans, and cable talking heads try to manipulate the thinking of Republican, and most of the time Democrats are out of their depth.

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I don’t think it matters what Democrats may do. The Republican party is splitting itself.

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I agree with “Democrats should worry about the Democratic party.” and “Democrats would be smart to shut up about it.” !!

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Let’s do the numbers 28% follow Trump (New Republican), 20% old school GOP and 52% Democrats. So each has a Presidential candidate – - – you do the math !

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FYI: the U.S.A. has a 2 party system. Any and all 3rd parties should be called “loser parties”. They don’t stand a chance.

Trump is history. Anyone who follows Trump now is doomed for failure. I voted for Trump in 2016 and in 2020. For years I tolerated his many asinine statements and crazy exaggerations. After the events of 1–6-2021 I done with Trump and I bet there’s millions of conservatives out there like me. Also I think that it will be a very long time before another Republican will be elected President of the U.S.A..

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If a third party forms, the Democrats would likely benefit, but Dems often do what’s good for the country, not the party.

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It’s not up to the Dems to do anything and in any case, Trump would never be persuaded to do anything by them. I think it’s more likely that the Republican Party will stick by Trump from what we are seeing and if a third party is formed, it will be by Never Again Trumpers. But again, that’s not in the Democrats power to control.

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@janbb not all GOP members are “Sheep and followers of the great Tangerine make-up and bankruptcy king” !

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@Tropical_Willie I never said they were all were. But look at the impeachment vote. Trump certainly holds sway over most of Republican Congresspeople. Who knows what will happen?

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Democrats should encourage trump and his minions to form a party. Just so to identify between deranged and decent Republicans.

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It’s a mistake to now consider just Democrats as spectators to the fracturing of the Republican juggernaut. The deserters from both parties probably total more numbers these days than the membership in either of them. So let’s just consider that it is non Republicans rather than simply just Democrats restricted to witnessing the self immolation of the party of Trump. The great question now confronts us: can there be a Republican party after Trump filters away the crazies (the base). What happens when the party most nakedly open to the whims of the plutocrats faces the open revolt of the lunatics formerly essential to the former alliance of the wealthy with folks so warped as to not realize the alliance?

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@janbb The impeachment vote means nothing as to the amount of Republicans who weren’t in favor of it. If you like a team, REALLY like a team, you stick with them through thick and thin, RIGHT or WRONG. Clearly, this was the case. (And I’m not saying that Democrats don’t do it, too.)

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If the impeachment vote was a secret ballot I think Trump would have been found guilty.

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^^I think it should be.

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It would backfire if Trump was the head of that party.

Same will happen just as he always runs things into the ground, based of false reports, false

funds , so that party will go under and he will leave it in a shambles as he did his Presidency.

One cannot expect anything better from a person if he doesn’t first want to change himself.

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^^Agree. trump to me is not a real leader. More than anything he’s a performer who’s only in it for the attention and money.

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