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Do any people really talk and act like Vincent Price, or perhaps Barnabas Collins on the original Dark Shadows (Jonathan Frid)?

Asked by Yellowdog (12208points) February 21st, 2021

Some people really can talk like this—there have been a few on NPR and PBS and some radio/T.V. commercial announcers..

I can talk like this—I have a good narrator voice and good with reading stories and poems and Dr. Seuss to children. But it’s not fully my natural way of speaking.. I have as my natural voice a good Mid-Atlantic general English radio voice but to sound really polished and posh takes some effort. Its kind of like acting for me. Its certainly not my day-to-day life.

But who really talks like Barnabas Collins, Vincent Price, or Boris Karloff? It takes an actual demeanor, wardrobe, and lifestyle, lest these orators are merely acting. Do they really talk and live this way? Is anyone we might meet in Public like Barnabas on the original Dark Shadows, or would they seem extremely odd?

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No one does. Not naturally. Hell, Vincent Price was from St. Louis, MO. Nobody from St. Louis has ever spoken like that with their natural accent.

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Possibly. There are so many people from so many places that it couldn’t be ruled out.

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It was Jonathan Frid who made Dark Shadows the memorable programme it is. I used to love it. I also liked the character of Dr Zachary Smith from Lost in Space who spoke clear English with a great command of language. It didn’t matter that the other characters were washed out nonentities and the alien landscape was cardboard, Dr Smith stole the show week after week. The only such character I can think of in real life is Steven Fry but I’m sure there must be many others.

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Here is a video interview of Johnathon Frid ( acting a part /poem. (9:27)
And actual voice in interview (17:57)

So its good acting ability’s to take on a characters voice.

Also noticed that every 6th word in the poem he emphasized where as in William Shatner he

emphasized every third word.

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