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How do you think Biden caused the Texas power outage?

Asked by ragingloli (50145points) February 22nd, 2021

According to this Kudlow figure, Biden is responsible for it:

What dastardly supervillain weather weapon has he hidden away in his hollowed out volcano?

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I can’t even believe that total bullshit.

I do have Texans on my Facebook writing that “Texans got out and helped each other, we don’t need the government.” I’m pretty sure every single person who wrote that didn’t lose electricity or have a pipe burst. I have just as many Texans furious about the situation and certainly are not blaming the central government.

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Part of the reason these bananas “theories” keep getting traction is because we (news media, social media, fellow Jellies) keep paying attention to this nonsense. So no, I’m not going to click that link.

The collective goal of the more sane among us should be to ignore as much of this silliness as possible thus coaxing them back into to shadows (or parents’ basements, or mental hospitals).

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The headline doesn’t really match what he said.

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Did Biden have the Jewish space laser mkde snow and cold ?

Or maybe it was the bad management of the “Solo” electric companies with accountants running them rather than electrical engineers; they took the Texas companies off the national grid (except El Paso which is okay) and now people are getting electric bills for 10’s of thousands of dollars, one guy showed a bill for almost $17,000 for one month.

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What a silly notion!

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Oh I think Kudlow is on some bad drugs.

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He huffed and he puffed and, oh wait, different story. Never mind.

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@filmfann How are we to interpret this?

“He’s gone after the energy sector. You saw some of the consequences in Texas. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.”

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He probably inherited from Obama the power to cause and control solar flares, so there’s no telling what he might do.


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Someone on my social media posted the Trump trucks that ran Bidens buses off and were saying ‘who’s laughing now, Texas.’-as if he didn’t help them.

Some people will see that kind of thing and believe it, unfortunately.

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@KNOWITALL That’s horrible. Although, I saw a lot of Texans who thought running Biden’s bus off was awesome posting that Texas doesn’t need government help, Texans help each other.

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Sounds like “green” energy” failed miserably when wind turbines froze. Is that the issue? Or was power available and they weren’t allowed to use it?

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Here @si3tech. Read that. The wind turbines don’t create energy for immediate use. It’s generated then sent on down the line to be stored at utility plants until it’s needed. So if the turbines froze it had nothing to do with the disaater. It was caused by the lack of regulations, which would have required back up and checks and balances.

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@si3tech “green energy” wasn’t the problem electric companies using the equivalent of “Extension Cords” to connect their customers . . . . everything on the cheap and no back-up.

Oh and taking themselves off the national grid because they would have to follow regulation and procedures. “We don’t need no stinkin’ national grid . . ” Fuck the customer.

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This man was a Trump “Presidential advisor”. Enough said!

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Just shoot me.

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The power outages are the result of deregulation of utilities in the 90’s-00’s. Biden has long supported deregulation and so did play a minor, tangential role in creating the deregulated Texas grid.

As for windmills freezing being the “cause,” riddle me this: “why the fuck does Canada have so many windmills then?” Use a little common sense.

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“Biden has long supported deregulation” @gorillapaws sources please !

SO here is mine just the opposite of what you think is happening

Oh Texas deregulated themselves at the request of the power companies. (It saves money).

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@Tropical_Willie You’re right that Texas deregulated themselves. But context matters. The country was on a roll with deregulation from both parties. Biden played a significant part pulling the Democratic Party away from their historical pro-regulation position:

“Sensing their political weakness with what would become known as “Reagan Democrats,” moderates such as Biden, Hart and Carter worked to move the party decidedly to the right of where it had been for decades. These efforts represented nothing less than an effort to reimagine the Democratic Party, to abandon the politics of the New Deal and Great Society in favor of privatization efforts to achieve priorities such as health care for all and a smaller federal government.” [emphasis added](source)

It’s certainly arguable that if bipartisan championing the wonders of deregulation had not occurred in previous decades, Texas may not have been able to deregulate their grid. It happened amongst a national pro-deregulation landscape that Biden was instrumental in architecting.

I’d be happy to list many de-regulation bills Biden voted for, if necessary, but I’d rather not waste my time pointing out the obvious. Feel free to do some research on Biden’s record. This stuff actually happened and is well documented.

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Rick says the oil they use on the turbines doesn’t freeze.

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Maybe you should use current sources and not something for WW II or 1980’s @gorillapaws ! !

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@Tropical_Willie What the hell are you talking about? The article is less than 2 years old. Furthermore the deregulation of the Texas grid occurred in the early 2000’s so logically anything that lead to that action would have to occur BEFORE that time (thus why it’s relevant). Unless you’re arguing that some new fact in the past 2 years occurred to invalidate Biden’s record of deregulation in the 80’s-00’s? Are you saying Biden traveled back in time to undo his votes in favor of deregulation and the article is out of date because it didn’t mention it?

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^^Did Biden sign on to any deregulation specific to Texas’ power grid system?

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No @mazingerz88 but some people think he did !!

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@mazingerz88 No. Biden was one of the main forces responsible for transforming the Democratic Party into a pro-deregulation party. He helped create the political landscape where things like the Texas utility deregulation was possible. You’re right, Biden’s role was not a direct one.

Trump didn’t put his knee on Floyd’s neck, but he was responsible for creating a climate where police felt empowered to do so.

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So what is the solution?

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@Dutchess_III Re-regulate the utilities and force them to winterize their infrastructure. It was “recommended” to them a decade ago in a report. They ignored the recommendation.

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