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Is it worth spending an extra $100 for the iPhone 12?

Asked by JLeslie (60745points) 1 month ago from iPhone

The question is the iPhone 11 vs the iPhone 12. What do you think?

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Have you looked at videos comparing the two phones?

I was recently looking at two different Samsung phones and I found videos on YouTube where they compare the two phones, showing features, ease of use, physical details, and how quickly things download on both.

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Its actually $200 dollars difference between the 11 ($599) and the 12 ($799). The iphone 12 mini is $699 but the screen is half an inch smaller.

The 12 will have slightly better battery life, 5G (honestly I don’t think the tech is mature enough to worry about just yet), the fancy magnetic connector on the back, slightly better cameras etc.

If you can live with out attaching accessorizes to the back of the phone Id probably recommend the 11 and save the 200 buck.

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Personally I don’t know. Not a fan of the IPhone in general.

That being said, I would tend to agree with @lightlyseared that the 5G tech is still developing, and probably not worth the additional investment on any device, be it IPhone, Android or other.

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The main important difference for me would be the fact that the 12 has an OLED screen like the “Pro” models, which is definitely superior to the old LCD screen on the 11. If that’s worth it to you, then I would go for it.

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