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What did Hitler, from Germany in 1937, and general Chang from Star Trek, mean when they asked for breathing room?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (18393points) 1 month ago

Can you explain what breathing room is?

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They mean they want their fascist leadership to have the support of murderous racists who feel metaphorically suffocated and stifled by having the “others” they vilify in their communities.

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They mean the acquisition of territory and resources for them to exploit and populate.

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If you mean Lebensraum, it was living space, not breathing room. Hitler wanted to expand, widen his geographic boundaries into territory that belonged to others, as @ragingloli says. Believing that the German people were a superior race, he thought they were entitled. And of course this idea played out in ways other than geographic.

I don’t know anything about the fictitious general, but the concept is not dead, even if it persists in different ways and on a smaller scale.

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