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Is there a way to search for all/recent questions a user has answered?

Asked by jasonjackson (1160points) September 9th, 2008

I’d like a way to quickly check on friends’ recent/ongoing Fluther conversations, so that I can join in with them, and I’m wondering how to achieve that.

I’ve added some people to my fluther (some of whom I know, some just because I’ve liked their thoughtful answers), but viewing my “your fluther” shows just questions they’ve asked, not all questions they’re conversing in.

So I tried searching. If I search for a user’s full or partial name using the search box in the upper right, I get a list of matching users, and a list of questions which either (1) were asked by the matching users, or (2) contain the search string in the text of the question or any of its answers. (I think.)

For instance, if I search for “jasonjackson”, I see a link to my profile, and a list of questions. Those are questions I’ve answered, but not all 47 questions I’ve responded to are listed; I think that’s because Fluther is just showing questions in which other users have mentioned my name in their own responses.

I know I can google for “jasonjackson”; since each user’s name is displayed with their answers, that ought to return any questions they’ve responded to. But since Google’s index is always a few days behind, that doesn’t show recent conversations, which pretty much defeats the point.

So: is there any way to achieve this?

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When I have searched on a user name it has shown me the questions they have answered.

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@Marina: thanks, but that’s not working in this case. For instance, one of my friends has answered 5 questions (at least, their profile page says so), but when I search for them, the questions area just says “Rats! We didn’t find any questions”. I can currently find two of the questions using Google.

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Now that I’ve posted this question, I see in its sibling list that this was already asked a year ago; no resolution there either.

Of course, I searched before asking, but didn’t find that question. Guess my Google-fu needs some work. :)

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You can use google and search ”(user name) + Fluther” and see if anything comes up.

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