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A three part question regarding the demographics of Fluther?

Asked by Arewethereyet (2087points) March 28th, 2013

1. I know that the Fluther community is predominantly based in the USA but what other nationalities are participating and what sort of numbers?
2. Would you as a Flutherarian like to see a broader global flavour?
3. What strategies have you or would you consider developing to recruit from a wider more PAN-FLUTHER world?

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I’d like to see users from the Virgin Islands, maybe there’d be less “am I pregnant?” questions.

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In addition to America, there are several other countries represented here. These are the ones I can think of off the top of my head:

England (several members)
Australia (3 or more members)
Canada (a few members)
Italy (at least two members)
India (a couple of members and a ton of spammers)
The Netherlands (we’ve had two or more, but might only have 1 now)
Germany (at least 2 members)

I’m sure I’m missing some, dang it. I’d love to have more members from other countries!

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Augie has covered the range of members pretty well. In the past, we’ve had members from South Africa, Japan, and Taiwan as well.

There is no marketing strategy being implemented or planned.

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I appreciate the getting the opinions of different cultures. It is great to see what we, as a country, look like through different eyes, so yes, I would appreciate more diversity.

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Dutch (me), at least one from Indonesia (or living there), one from Spain (although that member lives in England now).
There is/was a map on which you could see where a few members are/were residing, made by johnpowell, if I am correct).

Yes, I would like to see more members from more different countries; to get a broader idea of what is common in their culture/how their opinions are.

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Wow, there is this fucking great Q&A site I found while browsing around: it is called Fluther!!

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I am all for Pan-Flutherism!

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I. Besides the above mentioned by @augustlan, I am from the Caribbean and @bob_ is from Mexico.
2. Yes, diversity is good, but respect to diversity and acceptance of different ideas is even better.
3. I’ve said it before. Respect and courtesy to new members and passersby. Less strict grammar rules and fair moderation. These are not strategies, just things that I’ve heard newbies (and a couple of oldies) complain about.

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I’d love to have a more diverse jelly population. The US is my country, but I really enjoy other cultures and the differences that come with that.

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We also have a Norwegian member.

I don’t think there are any plans to expend our global flavor, and we’re also a small place to begin with. The best we can do in that regard is as we already do; use English as the language. It is, I believe, the one language which can be found just about all over the world, so that makes a great gateway for many different people.

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The site is overwhelmingly American but there are a few Texans here too!

I am not for loosening the grammar rules. Heck, it helps me to be required to do it in the correct form.
I am not certain about the moderation part of it. I guess I have been modded from time to time and I guess there is the possibility of abuse in the flagging dept. but that is why the mods are there no?

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Is Tumblr a country? ? ? Just asking.

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1. As @Yeahright said, I am from Mexico. I remember there were two or three other jellies from Mexico, but I haven’t seen them around in a while.
2. I don’t really care.
3. See 2.

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l. jazzjeppe is from Sweden, but hasn’t been on for nearly a year.
Who fluthers from outside the U S
2. I suppose it would be a good idea, but I don’t have a strong opinion on it.

3. I have no ideas about promotion of sites.

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@YARNLADY A bit of an old thread, that. I barely recognize any of those squishies…perhaps it might be high time for an update.

@bob_ Lol.

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@Tropical_Willie : Follow me to Tumblrland.

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Thanks for the responses, I’m not suggesting a full on marketing campaign or anything like that, prob more links would be good, I agree keep it in english, the grammar thing could be an issue. Since there are so few jellies from outside USA there is little activity when you Lot are sleeping and those chat room spaces don’t seem to get much of a workout either.
On the other hand I’m a bit ambivalent about the expansion idea or at least over expansion of visitor to the site.
I have been mentioning fluther to some of my friends who are intrigued. I’m not sure, it’s a bit like a nice party where you start to feel you know people rather than something which is impersonal, a bit like a favorite location you don’t want too many people to find, but some more diversity would be nice . :)

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I like the diversity, but I hope we don’t lose the small town feel I get from fluther. I often compare it to a big version of Cheers

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I totally agree

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We have at least one member living in Ireland, perhaps two who live in Scotland, and one who lives in Poland.

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I think @Shippy is from South Africa.

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I think a lot of people stop in for a while and move on because they do not relate as much to the particular (and peculiar) culture that most of us are members of. I also think there is not a whole lot we could do about that.

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IMO diversity is not so much about relating as such but more about acceptance and respect.

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I am from Canada.

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New Zealand is my corner of the globe.

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Globes don’t have corners.

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Depends which planet it could have corners lol

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@Brian1946 wow seriously that’s great I’m vindicated, right?

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Well, at least in the DC universe you’re vindicated. ;-)

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That’s so great

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