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How do I add topics to my profile?

Asked by smudges (3047points) 1 month ago

I’ve tried several times over the months, but just can’t figure it out. The natural thing seems to be to click on “search for topics” in the box at the top of the page where it says to add topics to your profile, but, for example, I just typed in ‘psychology’ in the search box and it came back like this: “You searched for “psychology”. Nice.”

Is there something I’m missing?

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After you type psychology in the box, DON’T click on the magnifying glass and DON’T press Enter.
Instead, you should then get a pop-down menu.
At the top of the menu, you should see a Topic button labeled psychology.
Clicking on that button should take you to the topic page.

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Once you’re at the page, go to one of the questions, and it’ll probably have psychology listed as a topic.

If you hover your mouse pointer over the topic label, you should get a drop-down box having an Add Topic button.

Click on that button and the topic should be added to your profile.

Here’s a link to a question that has psychology listed as a topic:

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@Brian1946 Thanks for trying to help. I tried what you suggested, but there was no drop-down menu. Nothing. I typed in ‘psychology’, didn’t hit enter or the search button, and nothing happened.

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OHH! I just read another question exactly like mine from sahuleka546 and found a different way to add topics. Apparently I hover over a topic that I’m interested in in someone else’s question. It gives the option of adding the topic, and I click on that. It worked! Thank you, though!

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@smudges It’s a bit irrelevant now anyway. The topics you list used to be used to filter questions to you via the “Just for you” button. But that hasn’t been functional for a number of years.

In addition, you will only be able to add topics if they are in the dictionary of topics that the developers created to or added. If someone enters their own topic, you can enter it in one or your questions but not add it.

The topics are useful for someone who might look at your profile to see what interests you have.

We used to have many, many more questions so the filtering was more useful. No it is easy to read all available Qs in a matter of minutes.

It is always nice to have newer members join – for sure!

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Thanks for the input. Now I have a little more knowledge about how it works, and found out I’m not missing what I thought I was! LOL

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