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Should Biden honor Trump's deal with the Taliban to remove all U.S. troops by May 1st?

Asked by Demosthenes (14470points) March 6th, 2021

And end the War in Afghanistan once and for all?

Or should troops remain indefinitely to ensure that the Afghan state can survive?

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We need to get the fuck out and never forget the total waste of resources and lives lost there.

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Do not stay in the middle east.

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We need to stay. It’s tough being the world’s police force but somebody has to do it…
Isolationism doesn’t work.

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My biggest concern is the girls and women. I always felt like going to Afghanistan is similar to going to Europe to save the Jewish people. The Taliban practically treats females like slaves.

Going back on a commitment is not good though. How will any country trust is? Are other countries there doing the same work we are? I just don’t know enough about what is being done. We tend to screw things up in the Middle East.

I’ll be interested in the answers here.

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@JLeslie: “My biggest concern is the girls and women.”

An appeal to woke imperialism? Come on. Are you serious?

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I’m sure we could help a lot of Palestinian women and girls if we bombed Israel. @JLeslie Interested in helping them too?

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There are no easy answers. It has cost an eye watering $1,000 billion which is really a shocking waste of money considering how little has been achieved.

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@gorillapaws Israel is stopping Palestinian girls from getting an education? I don’t think Palestinian girls have to worry about their own countrymen raping or kidnapping them like in Afghanistan. I think most Israelis favor women getting educated, especially Palestinian women.

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@JLeslie – Is this satire? Israel is an apartheid state, forcing Palestinians to live in essentially open-air prisons, as Israel continues to violate international law with their settlements. How great do you feel to be supporting women, when you’re tax dollars go to a government that demolishes Palestinian homes where women live?

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I don’t agree with the settlements either. Don’t paint me as someone who blindly supports Israel. I support Israel as a state, but not everything they do. Don’t act like the Palestinians are perfect except for Israel. Give me a break.

Let’s talk about Afghanistan and not derail the Q.

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@JLeslie ”...Don’t act like the Palestinians are perfect except for Israel.”

I think this is kind of the point. There are certainly good Israelis in Israel and good Palestinians in Palestine. Just as there are bad Palestinians and Israelis. Likewise in Afghanistan there are good and bad people on both sides of the conflict. When you use military intervention to meddle in a country’s internal struggles, you don’t solve the problem, kill a lot of innocent people, and you make enemies on all sides. It’s like trying to cut out a tumor with a trillion dollar Zweihänder—it’s just.going to kill the patient and leave you bankrupt.

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@gorillapaws Believe me I hate any type of military aggression also. I don’t know exactly what we are doing in Afghanistan. Are we helping the girls? What is our mission? I’m only saying I care about the safety of the girls and women. If the women are safe then the men who care about women being safe are safe too.

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