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Who will meet in the Superbowl this year?

Asked by gooch (5744points) August 3rd, 2007

And who will win it all?

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New England Patriots -vs- New Orleans Saints

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Ravens -vs- Bears

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New Orleans Saints vs Colts......Saints win it all! Who dat?

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As long as it's the Bears, and as long as they win, I don't care who the other team is..

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wow, a lot of saints supporters

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It's the Washington Redskins' year. I can feel it. Yeah, right.

If I were betting real money on it, I'd say the Patriots beat the Bears in SuperBowl XLII. Here are some platitudes to explain why:

1. Defense beats offense in the playoffs. That's why I chose Bears over Saints.
2. Balance and teamwork trump all else. That's why I chose Patriots over Bears.

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Colts vs Saints

Colts will win 2nd in a row!

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Dallas Cowboys vs San Diego Chargers

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