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Are there any social blog networking sites that have an emphasis on poetry and music?

Asked by gilgamesh (227points) August 3rd, 2007

i was looking for a nice blogging site that allows you to upload your writing and listen to similar music. One example would be humble voice. Any similar ones?

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Well you could create your very own social-network about poetry and music or and are awesome for finding similar music. As for poetry, is probably the best social-network for posting writings, poetry.

Sorry i dont know of anyone site that mashes up all these things

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I have not actually used this site, but I heard is a social networking site where you can meet other people based on your music playlist.

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@ggallucci: but its not a social network and has nothing to do with poetry or music

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Here you go!

Got Poetry

The first one is more like a MySpace but for poetry, spoken word, and music. Hope it helps!

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