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What's your favorite music blog?

Asked by eponymoushipster (20272points) February 7th, 2009

Now, i don’t mean P4K or Stereogum, but the not as widely know, niche-y (nietzsche? – no.) music blogs.

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I used to read Idolator a lot, but I’ve slacked off from it and all the other Gawker Media-based sites. I suppose it’s Brooklyn Vegan and Exclaim!, which is a Canadian magazine, these days. I’d be interested in a good UK blog, if anyone can tell me of one.

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I learn about music from friends and from some magazines… mostly from friends. Never really got into the whole blog thing. I also never really listen to the radio. I wouldn’t know what popular music is unless I see it playing somewhere else.

P.S. – The words “sofa king” make me think of Uber.

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[Edit to save space]: vvv @KrystaElyse why did that make me really sad?

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Yes, and it’s mine. Learn how to spell it Wilhelm. Lol.
Other than my own. I read NahRight every day, though I don’t necessarily like it, it’s just that they cover absolutely everything in hip hop, first. So I’d be stupid not to read it.
The blogs I admire the most are probably THATREALISH., smokeYYY, the guy there, is pretty much my blog sensei, a good dude indeed. Also: Yes Yes Yall, The Smoking Section, SoulBounce, Blind I For the Kids, Classic Drug References and Rappers I Know (RIK is down atm, FWMJ the dude who owns it hasn’t been paying his hosting-bill, lol)

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@KrystaElyse it looks like they gonna stop updating, from the last post on there. :(

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@eponymoushipster cool. any of those do mashups as well, or just hip-hop? I’m not really into the hip-hop scene (a song hear and there), but mashups of hiphop with other genres (i.e. – girl talk, DJ BC, things of that sort.)

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@90s_kid – Haha, what made you sad??

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Dunno. I just hate how someone tried to make a real nice music page, and it died. I have a weak heart, sorry.

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I know, right! It was a good blog. I guess I didn’t keep up with it enough to know it stopped posting.

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@Magnus DAMMIT. i just referenced myself again. i’m sofa king retarded. see previous post, thanks.

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@eponymoushipster Hmmm, just reviewed P.O.S.’ new album, it’s very punk rock inspired. You should check it out, here’s my review if you’re interested:

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POS new album = FUCK YES.

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@eponymoushipster i meant, sorry. I misspelled it.
This iBook keyboard is killoing me .

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UnHolyRythms is really active.

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