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Have you met anyone that is popular?

Asked by KRD (590points) 1 week ago

Have you ever met famous people in person as in talk to them?

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If you count David Jones as famous.

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Lots. I talked with Robin Williams while his kids were playing video games at a movie theater. My favorite was when I met Giancarlo Giannini while he was filming a movie, the day after her lost winning an Oscar for Seven Beauties.
The there was this guy I went to high school with. He was popular in school, but he didn’t think so.

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There is a difference between popular and famous. Lots of kids in my high school were popular. Apparently I was one of them.
I have never met any one famous.

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Sometime in the middle 70’s I was at a laundromat.
Somebody grasped my hand and started shaking it.
I looked up and it was Jon Voight asking me to vote for I don’t remember whom.
I said, “I’ll vote for him if you read my screenplay about a paralyzed Vietnam war vet”. ;~)

I was shopping at a Whole Foods in Sherman Oaks. I saw this guy wearing a hat that caught my attention.
I forgot what I asked him and what he replied, but Geena Davis joined our conversation.
Either she was fascinated with our conversation or she was with him; probably the latter.
I wound up asking her if there was going to be a “Thelma and Louise” sequel. She replied, “No, they were pretty much squished”.

I saw James Cromwell at a local health food store.
He was wearing a t-shirt advocating a Native American cause.
I said, “I like your t-shirt. I think the de facto genocide committed against Native Americans is shameful.”
He replied, “It wasn’t de facto, it IS genocide.”
I stood corrected and about 8 inches shorter than him.

I saw Jay Leno at the aforementioned Whole Foods in 2007(?).
I asked him if it was true that Conan was going to take over the Tonight Show in 2009.
He mumbled something as he made his escape.

I saw Leno’s band leader, Kevin Eubanks at a health food restaurant in West Hills.
I said, “I remember Jay making fun of your gesture of shooting a basketball. Where does he get off making fun of you? I mean, how strong is Jay’s game?”
He LHAO so I LMAO too. :-D

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Sure. The lead singer/songwriter of Caravan is a friend of mine.

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In the manner of 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon, I worked with and was friends with Billy Ray Cyrus’ cousin. Through her I met his brother Kevin Cyrus.
That’s all I got.

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I met and talked to for quite awhile. Ted Neely, the original Jesus in “Jesus Christ Superstar”. What a wonderful person he is.

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Peter Christopherson. Not the most famous person out there, but a pretty decent legacy behind him (whether as a graphic designer and video director or as a musician in his own right). You may not know the name, but there’s a pretty good chance you’ve seen his work.

(Here’s one example.)

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I had lunch a few times with Jeruba!

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Back in 2004 I talked to Hillary Clinton for a couple minutes at a political rally in Iowa. I was 13, and I supported any candidate that my parents liked.

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I met KNOWITALL and Snowberry!

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Newt Gingrich (former Speaker of the House) – twice.

First, at an outlet mall north of Atlanta. He was waiting for his wife to finish shopping and I was waiting for my daughter to come back from a store. We were both hanging out at or near a bench by the end of one of the rows of the stores.

Second, at a hotel in northern Wisconsin. He was there with is wife for some family visit. I was there on business. He rode up the elevator in the hotel together – he got off first. We had a short conversation.

Neither time did I tell him what an asshole I thought he was.

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Well, ok, ummm, in Brentwood Tn, I lived next door to Willie Nelson’s bass player and he gave me a ride to work one day in what used to be Dale Earnhardt Jr.‘s black trans-am. Yeah yeah I know it’s a reach. LOL

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