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What are some interesting last names?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (20734points) April 14th, 2021

Like Benire Madoff. He almost made off with $65 billions.
Steven Jobs made a whole industry and provided Americans with lots of jobs.
Roberto Picardo was in Star Trek Voyager.
Brooke Shields was descended from royalty.
Donald Trump owned a casino.

Please expand the list.

Humor welcome.

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Where I live there is a Dr. Hurt who is a cardiologist.

My great aunt was Fanny Berner, which probably sounds funny to a lot of people. Like butt burner or in the UK I guess it would be girly part burner. Her daughter married a Weiner.

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Cmalaulya Cnukil played a dyslexic in Home Alone 22.

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I used to know someone with the last name Mandick. I just would have to change my name!

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Was his first name Peter? Lol

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@chyna Thank goodness, no. :)

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