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In music, what does "cover" mean?

Asked by 2davidc8 (9848points) 1 week ago

For example, see this YouTube video:

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It means playing a song by someone else, that you altered in some way.

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You’re performing a song done before by someone else.

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Yes, but other than the original singer or author, isn’t everyone else? Why don’t they use the term “cover”?

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A version other than that of the original performer is a cover; but not a performance of a song by a songwriter that has not been performed before. I see your confusion though; I guess it’s called a cover if it was made famous by the original performer. The distinction is not usually made in certain genres such as folk music.

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Music Cover is where a music is covered by someone who is not the original composer/artist. It can be done in various way with musical instruments or song cover (where the different singer sing a song not originally theirs).

Instrumental and Extended music could be consider a cover and especially remixes. Now I don’t know the difference between covers and remixes, maybe remix is more electronically tuned.

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Congo Square was written by Sonny Landreth, and he recorded it for an album in 1995.
However, Aaron Neville recorded it in 1994. Which is a cover?
What about The Chiffon’s record One Fine Day? Carole King wrote it, but didn’t record/release a version till nearly 10 years later.

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@filmfann A case like “Congo Square” IMHO, is a little grey as far as the traditional meaning of cover. However, I would not consider The Chiffons’ version of “One Fine Day” a cover because Carole King was a “studio writer” at the time.

Now her song “You’ve Got A Friend” is a different story. Her recording was released on her album around the same time as a version by James Taylor. In that case I’d consider her version the original and his version the cover.

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Sometimes you hear about a “Cover Band”. That is usually a band that has an entire show based on one other group. They play a lot of the music from the original band and almost none of their own.

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A “cover band” and a “tribute band” are almost the same thing, except “tribute bands” usually are dedicated to one specific famous band.
Another meaning of “cover” is the fee you pay to get into a show.
But in the Youtube video you posted, the word is referencing the fact she is playing the work of somebody else.
A cover can be done in the exact style of the original, or it can be altered in some way, on purpose, or on accident.

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I would consider the genre “tribute band” to be a sub-genre of “cover band”.

Although I’m generally not a fan of tribute bands, I do like Brit Floyd, a Pink Floyd tribute band.

I once played in a cover band that had no name. We were the house band for a bar on Sixth Street in Austin.

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^^ “Well, I’ve been to Austin in a band with no name.”

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^^deja vu!

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