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Does the world need smartphone apps to tell people to pay attention to where they walk?

Asked by elbanditoroso (29735points) 1 month ago

read this about a new app option that supposedly will keep people from being distracted when they are walking.

another article

Are these necessary? Why not let Darwinism take care of things?

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Instead of getting some app to help people navigate through their lives, I suggest they get their mommies to hold their hands instead. MUCH more reliable than some stupid app…

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Love this question.

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Wouldn’t it better if they just turned off the damn phones while walking? (I must be channeling Squeeky this morning!)

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I’m cheering this technology on.
In fact, I have this app, and it’s very helpful indeed.
Just as the two apps I downloaded quite recently; one that tells me when to lift up my left, cq my right foot, and the one that says “Breath in. Now breath out”.

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There is nothing I hate more than to see an adult walking “with” a toddler, but the adult is so lost in their phone that they have no idea where the kid is in relation to them.

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You seen these idiots?
Of course they need an app for this, or we could just let the bodies pile up.
And thanks @janbb .
When people give me shit for not having a smart phone I tell them there is no way I am giving up one of my hands to have a smart phone look around 95% or more of people that have a smartphone ALWAYS have it in one of the hands all day long.

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I would however introduce a hidden feature, that every once in a while, deliberately steers someone (preferrably a child) into oncoming traffic, or shows them that the traffic light is green, when it is instead red.

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People who really need them wont pay attention to them. They’ll turn off notifications.

I prefer Darwinism.

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That’s funny. Before smart phones people paid attention to where they were walking.

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