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Do you think U.S. troops will really leave Afghanistan by September 11th?

Asked by Demosthenes (11720points) 1 month ago

Not to be pessimistic, but I’ve heard this before.

Trump wanted the troops out by May 1st. Biden is committing to it, but the date has moved to September 11th. Do you think this will actually be achievable? Or will there be another excuse to leave them there and continue this “forever war” (which is really more of a military occupation anyway)?

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The war on terror is a forever war. Like the one in the middle east that’s been going on for the last 1300 years.
Better get used to the idea!

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Yes, the only military presence by that date will be the guards at the US Embassy in Afghanistan.

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Russia got its ass handed it to it which is why they bailed out of there in 1989 – after having been there for 10+ years. And that failure helped lead to the fall of the Soviet Union.

Why the US ever thought it could ‘win’ in Afghanistan – ludicrous. No other country ever can (nor has it in history).

The US should have gotten out the day after Bin Laden was thrown into the ocean. Instead, we hung on for another decade.

Yes, the US will leave on September 11 2021. And within a year the Afghans will be killing each other once again. Let ‘em have it.

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When companies can contribute infinite money to campaigns, and wars are profitable, there is no incentive to end a war and every incentive to keep it going. I blame Bush, Obama, Trump and Biden as well as countless congresspeople and lobbyists.

There should be a law that a corporation supplying the military cannot issue dividends, executive bonuses or stock-buybacks while there are troops deployed in hostile countries.

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On Citations Needed, they were pointing out that prolonging the war in Vietnam became a political risk, so politicians then had real incentive to end it. Vietnam was also a war in which the public knew a lot of what was going on, which affected the extent to which prolonging it was bad politics. Even with Iraq, once the “Collateral Murder” video came out it became a political risk for the Iraqi government to have the continued presence of U.S. troops in their country. There’s no such risk with Afghanistan. It’s a war most of the American public doesn’t like but also doesn’t really see, it’s became background noise, and politicians can promise to get us out of there but the past few presidencies have shown that there isn’t much of a price to pay in breaking that promise.

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