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Should I upgrade my 8 GB iPod touch to a new 16 GB iPod touch 2?

Asked by Theotherkid (884points) September 10th, 2008

What are the differences? Is it worth it?

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Slightly different form factor. And more RAM. Keeps the same chip and runs the same OS and supports the same apps. I think the better battery life is more a function of the OS upgrade than the actual battery.

So… no. I don’t think it’s worth it to spend the money on the upgrade. Unless you simply need the additional RAM.

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Gizmodo did a great review, and their bottom line was that existing iPod touch owners shouldn’t bother switching.

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there are also volume buttons mounted on the side, just like the iphone. there is also a speaker. so it depends on how much that stuff matters to you

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There are very few differences, if anything this is hardly another generation of the iPod Touch, the only things that have really changed are the manual volume controls and in-built speaker.

Basically the reason they re-did it was to re-invigorate sales before Christmas, but more to remind first-time buyers of an iPod touch or iPhone that there is a new one available and it looks like an iPhone 3G so they should buy one for a present.

Its definitely not worth an upgrade. Although the price drop is considerable (I paid $549 for mine in the first week they came out, what a scam!) this is more to make the iPod Touch more appealing to people who didn’t buy one before.

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Now you have no need for a new iPoT.

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@Theotherkid: with a Pregnancy test?

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It’s a batteryless ( <—not sure if that’s a word.) speaker that connects to the iPod.

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Oh I see

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