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Does anybody around here actually use Alexa or Siri to do things?

Asked by Jeruba (55887points) April 19th, 2021

If so, do you feel okay about that?

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Yes. I regularly ask Siri to add items to my shopping list, to set a timer, what the weather is, to turn on and off lights, to play music, to find a location and get directions.

I say “Hey Siri, Good Morning” and my office light goes on and my computer wakes up.

I say, “Hey Siri, Good Night” and all the lights, televisions, and computers that are on, turn off (or go to sleep).

I like the convenience and try to remember to ask it to do more.

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I never have and don’t intend to use those annoying apps. I turn them off.

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I ask Siri for weather temperature. Tried twice asking her to send a text message to a friend and it went well. I might do more of that. My friend who is disabled regularly asks Alexa to turn the TV on or off, adjust volume, play news and podcasts.

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2 days ago, I asked Google for the capital of Samoa. I use android devices, and I can ask them questions by voice. I often ask for weather in places where my children live or my best friend. I ask it all sorts of questions, though.

I don’t get it by voice command, but Google will tell me how busy a given store is so I can know the size of the crowd there.

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I use Alexa at home, and Siri in the car. I have used Alexa to order things that are on my standard shopping list, to set an alarm to wake me rom a nap, to play music, and to turn the lights on and off.

I use Siri to craft text messages and place phone calls while driving.

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Whenever a mobile device or car etc starts trying to talk to me, I usually start yelling at it and telling it to buzz off, shut up, die, uninstall itself, never talk to me again, etc. If it’s a customer service phone program, I usually start saying “HUMAN! GIVE ME A HUMAN!”

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All I use is the Google thing that gives you directions, if I’m driving some place and don’t know the exact location. I’m pretty familiar with Austin and environs, I grew up in the area, but my boss is really good at finding contracts in places in the back of freaking beyond. Most of the time that Ap serves me well, sometimes it pisses me off and makes me want to toss my phone out the window and take my chances. “Your destination is two miles ahead on the right. Make a u turn at FM 620”. OK sparky, and just how do I do that and not get creamed by a Mack Truck, or get pulled over by a Police convention?

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No. I’m not a conspiracy nut but those things are a little too connected to the rest of the world for my liking.

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Sure. All the time. “Siri, take me to the nearest Best Buy”

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Yep. Math problems, unit conversions, definitions, timers, lights, weather, music. Siri is great…except when she’s not.

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Sometimes I will ask Siri to tell me a joke.

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@Caravanfan Ask her to divide by zero. She’s got some great responses.

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Not as much as I should. For instance I still type out long-winded messages on the iPhone, where typing is hard, instead of dictating them to Siri.

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As a matter of fact, Alexa is typing this post for me.

However, I use the other one for my really Sirius posts! ;-p

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* What time is it?
* Call _____.
* Find my phone.
* Set a reminder
* Set a timer.
* Play SiriusXM ______.
* Play (song).
* Play my songs.
* (Daily alarms)

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I do not. My son does. When he walks into the house he says “Alexa, First Plug On.” and the light turns on. I’d use the wall switch or put in a motion sensing light bulb if that were not possible

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I do not. Never will.

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I have really needed to be up at 4 a.m. for work this week, I used Alexa to be my alarm clock and also to turn my lights on. Worked wonderfully four days in a row.

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