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What is the best way to synchronize a directory tree over USB, from a Windows XP computer to an unrooted Android phone?

Asked by Joe_Freeman (504points) June 19th, 2011

I’m looking for something to perform like rsync does on Unix systems, that is, software that can update the directory tree on the remote host (Android) so it’s once again identical to that on the local host (Windows). I don’t mind doing this wirelessly but would prefer to do it over USB, and it’s mainly my music and photos trees that I am wanting to synchronize.

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For straight file syncing, I would try Microsoft SyncToy

But I prefer Salling Media Sync. However it depends on iTunes’ music library and Adobe Photoshop Elements’ photo organizer. It actually reads the playlists and photo albums, and lets you selectively sync each one.



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Thank you, @jaytkay , Microsoft SyncToy looks like it might be exactly what I was seeking. I will read the details now and try it out. I’m hoping that having Android at the remote end is not going to prevent this tool for doing what I need it to do.

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A just took a quick look at Google for rsync for Android and it looks like there are some rsync clients available for Android. Apparently rsyncd for Windows exists as well.
Do you prefer to not use rsync for some reason?

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@koanhead My only objection to rsync is that appeared to me to require a rooted phone.

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I tried SyncToy last night and it worked perfectly. This is exactly what I was seeking!

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