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Is it better to separate teeth brushing and flossing from mouth wash?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (18548points) 1 week ago

By how much? Do you use mouth wash right after brushing? Or do you use mouth wash before brushing teeth?

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I floss and then brush, because I want to brush away bits of food loosened by the floss. I hate mouthwash and never use it.

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If I do all three at once I brush first, then floss, then mouthwash.

I do mouthwash alone when I’m tired and just want to do something, which is better than nothing.

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I never use mouthwash. I brush and then I floss. If I feel loose bits of food in my mouth I have a good rinse before brushing.

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I used to floss, then brush, then mouthwash. But I found that my mouthwash killed the “good” bacterial in my mouth and left the “bad” ones, so I stopped using mouthwash.

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I floss then brush then use mouthwash.

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