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Let Brain Atrophy or Die with Dignity?

Asked by robbie2499 (147points) 1 week ago

If you knew your brain was atrophying at an alarming rate, would you choose to do die with dignity or let nature take it’s course?

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I would opt to die with dignity, if I could. My dad wanted to, but you had to live in Oregon for 6 months to take that option.

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@kritiper. Thank you. I’m sorry for your dad.

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What use is dignity these days?

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@stanleybmanly . What good is dignity? I don’t want my son to see me any crazier than I already am and learn we have choices. He’s my beautiful boy and I will not become a burden to him especially if/when I don’t even know it. Maybe dignity was the wrong word.

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^^ It was the right word.

Die with dignity. It’s a no-brainer!

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Dignity seems to me to be a very personal concept.
I don’t know exactly what it entails, but if it’s that you lose your faculties, and/or you get dementia, I would go the euthanasia route.

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I would prefer to die with dignity. I don’t want to linger with no brain activity, or very little brain activity. I know I won’t be aware, but I don’t want my loved ones to have to watch me dwindle like that.

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Fuck that. Live live live, I say. Dignity is overrated. Any life can have meaning, and make someone else’s better. I won’t feel bad about someone changing my diaper or enduring an endless string of inappropriate comments, or picking me up when I fall down go boom. I paid my dues.

If I encounter this situation, I’d make a plan for care with my loved ones, and be open to going to hospice when the time is right. I’m happy to be a burden on my family, but there’s a line somewhere.

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I think I would have an honest conversation with my loved ones while I still have enough consciousness. That way we could all work out the best course of action when that day finally comes. My loved ones wouldn’t be burden with guilt and I wouldn’t feel like they are doing me a disservice.

I value honest communication and mutual understanding, and I want everyone to be on the same page, especially with important things like this. And I would go with the middle ground when we come to an agreement. My “dignity” could very much be their burden and I don’t want that.

Beside, why not spend some time bonding with my loved ones while I still have enough consciousness? This won’t last forever.

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Hey Buddy
Can you first explain to me what is “atrophying” ??? I really have no idea what it is.
Once you explain it to me, I promise to you that I will give you the best idea of your life.

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Glamaajka, What a kind person you are! To answer your question in means rotting. My brain has so many lesions, MRI lights up. I’ve MS.

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Let nature take it’s course for now with meds. Medical science could cure you in a year.
My mom has brain lesions, and if its the same as yours, most will stroke and die before they reach a hospital. If one ruptures, that is.
She has chosen to embrace life as long as she can. I’m her medical POA and will fully support her choices, even if it changes in future.
May I suggest considering a support group or local mental health counselor? Depression is frequent with medical issues.
I wish you the best, PM if you need a chat.

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