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In what region are people most polite?

Asked by windex (2932points) September 10th, 2008

Texas? Japan? Sweden?

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Not New Jersey

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North Carolina

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The southern US in general, without a doubt.

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When I was in Denmark, we took a boat over to Sweden, and I stayed for 3 days…they were extremely nice and gracious… but I don’t know, I may have changed my mind, if I had actually lived there.

I can’t speak for Japan, I have never been there.

Texas was the same as any other state, I have been in, here in the USA.

The nicest people I have come across here in the USA are the people from Louisiana…I couldn’t make out half of what they were saying, but they were extremely nice!! (they have the oddest accent, than any other people I have encountered in the USA!)

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I have found that the people in the “south” are friendly, but not necessarily polite. The people in the “north” are very polite, but not especially friendly (until you know them well).

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@trench, I beg to differ, I’m from NY and people in NJ are way nicer!

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Southerners are deceptively polite.

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Not my kin, gail, G’ma wouldn’t allow it.

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@See: maybe I mean deceptively rude?

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I have to wonder how many non-whites said “the south”? OK, that’s not 100% fair, I’ll admit it (even IF the answer is zero).

Actually, up here in Minnesota, they actually refer to us as “Minnesota nice.” And it really is true, we’re hospitable, polite, friendly, helpful, etc. And even if people don’t like you, we’re very non-confrontational so we might talk shit about you behind your back, but you’ll never know….

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@Dale: and Oh, that Norwegian cuisine.

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Not the Northeastern US! We’re snobs. :D

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I wouldn’t eat Lutefisk with a stolen mouth.

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I mix mine with gefilte fish, with kippers on top. Mmm.

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It depends who you are, what you look like, who you are with, etc. I’m heavily tattooed; no one was very friendly to me in the mid-west or the south.

I say people in Hawaii are the nicest, most sincere people I have ever encountered

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I agree with gailcalled, southern US is deceptively polite.

Midwest US is where I find the most polite people. Mainly, because they’re honest people.

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i heard japanese are very polite people.
but i have no chace to meet one of them. haha.

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Well, they’re worse than the Southern US. Example:

Say your daughter plays the piano. She plays everyday, and she is really good. Your neighbor comes over one day and compliments your daughter’s piano playing ability. Well what they’re really saying is that she plays too much, or too loud.

Crazy right? A friend of mine went on a Mission to Japan and he said that is one of the biggest cultural challenges he had with being there, was people never really say what they mean. Very confusing, but they’re always polite. That’s what the piano example is showing, he used that same example to help me to understand what it’s like. So I guess in a way they’re polite, but in a round about way.

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Tennessee bluegrass people

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I’ve found folks from Seattle to be the most friendly and polite people. I almost thought people were playing some city-wide organized joke on me, they were so accommodating.

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Haha, Americans are so USA-centric. I wouldn’t even put Americans in the top 10 for politeness of places I’ve been. Japan, Canada, Mexico, Greece, Turkey would all be miles ahead in my opinion.

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@Maverick: I guess so, I read this question as “regions in the U.S.,” even though the details say two other countries.

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Megan64, I appreciate your unexpected honesty. You get a star! Here I was preparing for the indignant backlash… :)

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I can see yur point about Amuricans, being one myself.Amurica is a melting pot and not a culture as such. From the time we are teeny tiny todlers we are programed to believe that we are the best everything in the world and that those that dont live here are fresh out of luck. Our media and sensor laws program us to favor Jeezus so that we can live in a zombie-like state called “faith”. In this un questioning frame of mind we allow our perceived leaders to manipulate us into greedy little consumers who can never feel successful enough unless we buy more and more stuff until we barrow our selves into the ruin we are in now. Do you think this finacial mess wer’e in will wake us up like “Neil” from the Matrix he was delusioned in? Of course not we just accept it as Gods will and wait for armagett’n to show up.I think I’d like to have been born in Denmark. A Danish sex worker that had done a trick in Sweden paid for my hovercraft ticket to Copnheaven and didnt even charge me a dime for the favor. If that aint freindy I dont know whut is! And if you ever pigged out on their pastry then you know they must be doing sumthun right!

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from one danish prostitute to another, a free tip.

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