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What happened to Conrad Black's Supreme Court challenge?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (18548points) 1 week ago

He argued that if Its ok for minimum wage workers to steal a little bit, like a single French fry, then it is ok for a billionaire to steal an equivalently adjusted amount, and therefore he is innocent?

I think he got 6 months and maybe 20 years.

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He went to jail for fraud and embezzlement. I don’t think he pleaded the french fry defense.

He spent about 3 years in jail, and was pardoned by Donald Trump.

It’s a shame about his conviction. He was a good and generous man, and a philanthropist. I think his conviction was utterly unfair.

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Being convicted of fraud and embezzlement is one thing but being pardoned by Trump is unforgivable.

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@flutherother I followed the case when it happened. I don’t think he was guilty; I think people were gunning for him and set him up to go down.

It doesn’t matter now; he did his time.

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